Police found the source of “Beginner”: the first details

Law enforcement officers found the source of poisoning “Newbie”

Полицейские нашли источник "Новичка": первые подробности

On Friday, July 13 it became known that the UK police found the source nerve agents “Beginner”. Previously he had been poisoned a couple of the residents of Amesbury. It is reported Politeka.

It is known that it was a small bottle. Police say she was discovered at home Charlie Rowley, who suffered from the effects of the substance. Law enforcement officials confirmed that was found inside the bottle was just a “Newbie”.

Полицейские нашли источник "Новичка": первые подробности

As a result of new poisoning in the UK, the number of victims of nerve agents “Beginner” may increase. In addition, victims don Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, who are victims of a “Newbie” still in serious condition.

Полицейские нашли источник "Новичка": первые подробности

However, doctors from Salisbury, where the poisoning occurred, say that at the moment there is no danger of large-scale distribution “Newbie”.

We will remind, the British Charlie Rowley injured in the incident in Amesbury, came to. This was announced Tuesday on his Twitter page of the city district hospital, Salisbury, writing:

“We observed small but significant changes in the state of Charlie Rowley, — is spoken in the message of the hospital. — He is in critical but stable condition. He now came to himself”.

See: what is a “Beginner”

As previously reported portal “Know. ua” in Britain distillery in Bristol, which is owned by Bristol Dry Gin became the center of a global scandal. Issue 75-degree vodka called “Beginner” in Britain has led to a flurry of criticism.

In turn, the company apologized, saying he picked a bad time to release vodka. Reported by the BBC.

Also, the report says that distillery stopped producing this product. According to Bristol Dry Gin, the recipe of this strong vodka was developed quite a long time. And its advertising slogan was the phrase “what a joke”.

The name “Newbie” vodka received after Sergey and Yulia Skrobala was discharged from the hospital after the poisoning of the homonymous nerve substance.

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