It was scary: will Smith staged an extreme on the roof

Will Smith blew up the network of dancing on a bridge in Budapest

Было страшно: Уилл Смит устроил экстрим на крыше

49-year-old actor will Smith took part in an unusual challenge that users launched Instagram.

The essence of the flashmob is to dance to a song by canadian rapper Drake’s “In My Feeling”. In order to perform the “job” the actor climbed onto the bridge in Budapest and decided to have a dance there. The whole process, he filmed using a drone.

“Last day in Budapest. I woke up” In My Feeleng “. Upstairs was scary. That is why all my dance moves are chained”, signed live actor.

The video the actor has published in Instagram.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the son of the famous American actor will Smith, Jaden released his own music album.

To advertise the new album guy used a very strange method. So, all tracks from the album posted on the official account Smith Jr. in Instagram. Each user can listen to them for free. Write about the American media.

A feature of the presentation of the album SYRE: The Album Electric steel accompanying videos, which are joined into a single collage. All video mysterious briefcase floating in the air to the music.

Earlier it became known that the daughter of will Smith wanted to commit suicide because of the uncertainty of the future.

17-year-old daughter of will Smith was a guest on popular U.S. talk show Red Table Talk. During the interview, the girl made a shocking confession. She told me that I cut his wrists and wanted to commit suicide when she was only 10 years old. The incident occurred in 2010 shortly after the release of the video for the song Whip My Hair, which was incredibly popular at the time.

Было страшно: Уилл Смит устроил экстрим на крыше

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