Intimate tips: mistakes of men in bed

Experts have found, what mistakes men often admit during sex

Интимные советы: главные ошибки мужчин в постели

Women shared the most intimate and honest, what annoys them in the behavior of men during sex. Sexologists based on women’s views highlighted some of the most common mistakes guys.

Common and popular error, which causes resentment of women for oral sex. Sometimes men desire to get oral pleasure is so great that they do not take into account the wishes of your partner in this moment.

As it turned out, the men are often practically forcing the woman, lowering her head or bring her to face his penis. Women insist on communication in such delicate issues.

Интимные советы: главные ошибки мужчин в постели

Men will be surprised but women don’t always have the time or mood to do this kind of sex. Sexual intercourse should bring pleasure to both of you and not be forced exercise for one of the parties.

Are also common complaints of women to the selfishness of men who are not interested in the fact that more gets on the partner and bring her pleasure in bed. Sexologists have found that honest conversations about sex can help your partner to loosen up.

Also a common mistake of men is to lose interest in a woman after her own orgasm. As it turned out, a lot of guys refuse to even from him and not pay attention to if he’s out for his partner sexual intercourse a pleasant climax.

As previously reported portal “Know. ua” women — one of the most important sources of emotional experiences of men who can excite and change the world with just one look. But astrology have noticed that different signs of the Zodiac behave in bed absolutely different. Oh, what a mistress, read in the material of the Clutch.

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