Gay forced Scarlett Johansson to abandon the role

Because of the scandal actress has gone from new movie

Геи вынудили Скарлетт Йоханссон отказаться от роли

Scarlett Johansson has announced his departure from the upcoming movie Rub and Tug from the Director of the acclaimed “Ghost in the shell”. The reason for this was the attacks by the LGBT community. The actress said that she does not want to offend anyone in my role.

Reported by the BBC.

Геи вынудили Скарлетт Йоханссон отказаться от роли

“In light of the resulting ethical questions about my role, Dante Gill, I decided to refuse participation in the project.

Our cultural understanding of transgender is constantly evolving and I learned a lot about this community since the message about getting the role. I realized that it was insensitive.

I deeply respect and love the transgender community and are grateful for discussing the topic of inclusion in Hollywood. According to the organisation for GLAAD, the number of LGBTQ characters fell in 2017 by 40% compared to last year, and these characters were not in any project of major studios,” said Scarlett.

Initially, the representatives of Johansson claimed that the actress does not see the problems that ordinary woman will play a transsexual. The statement also said that earlier Jared Leto received an Oscar for the role of a transgender woman in “Dallas buyers club”. At the time, his casting has not caused any scandal.

Геи вынудили Скарлетт Йоханссон отказаться от роли

When it became known about the casting of Johansson in the role of Dante Gill, several popular media outlets, including Jezebel and Vice, criticized the decision. Also unhappy were many members of the LGBT community, who believed that transgender actors are poorly represented in the movie. Cousin Gill Barry Paris in an interview with The Wrap said that his cousin probably would have laughed at the debate around the role of Johansson, but also added that he would like it if to be a brother took the actor-transgender.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” it became known that actress Scarlett Johansson will play the role of infamous female pimp in the new film by Rupert Sanders, the Director of such films as “snow white and the hunter” and “Ghost in the shell”.

The film “Rub & Tug” is scheduled for 2019. It became a screenwriter Gary Spinelli, known for such films as “Made in America” and “Cache”. In addition to starring in the film, Johansson will become his producer together with Toby Maghiara, Joel Silver and others.

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