From Tomboy to lady: 5 effective ways to become more feminine

These methods will help you to become a real woman any pacence

От пацанки до панянки: 5 действенных способов стать женственней

Many women say that their life changed after they discovered his true beginning. How to become more feminine, if absolutely no time for training? Mila Levchuk, a well-known coach, in his microblog published information about it. Reports Clutch.

От пацанки до панянки: 5 действенных способов стать женственней

1. To change into a girl

Those who say that skirts or dresses make us more feminine don’t know anything. It’s like saying that squats don’t make your ass firmer. After all, if you squat a few times a week, then no result would be, and if you do a few approaches every day, and then some! If you review your style in the direction of femininity, your life will sparkle with new colors.

2. Pleasant words

Without rudeness, shouting, swearing, hitting. Gentle, quiet, competent. It helps people to perceive you correctly.

3. Being slow

In the slowness you will discover your true sexuality. When you go slowly, not rushing, slowly straighten the curl, but I don’t shake my mane, blinking languidly, deeply measured breathing, for men it acts as a hypnosis. Try all the usual steps to do two times slower and feel how much grace there is.

От пацанки до панянки: 5 действенных способов стать женственней

4. Mood

Do not show your negative emotions, because nothing can so disfigure. Try to be always cheerful and gentle, then men will always go on you mad.

5. Goodwill to the interlocutor

This includes the desire to listen, to help, warm. No protection, no tension, no wariness, and a sincere disposition to a man until he did something to lose it.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu”, a famous Ukrainian designer Anastasia Ivanova told about the five main rules of how women in the business field to effectively “manage the impression” and thus to be successful.

1. The first impression is unconsciously a person is formed in the first four minutes of communication. However, his 55% — evaluation of your appearance (clothes, makeup, posture, smiles). You need to always look your best, so wherever you go you need to think carefully about your image. You don’t know who you can meet today.

2. Even if you are a strong and independent business woman who manages hundreds of subordinates and communicate with partners, you need to stay feminine. It is not necessary to copy the behavior of men, a woman should remain a woman in any situation.

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