Folk omens on July 14 – the Day of Kuzma and Damian

In the Orthodox Church on July 14 is the commemoration day of the Holy unmercenaries and Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian.

Народні прикмети на 14 липня – День Дем&#039яна та Кузьми

On this day, the Slavs preferred to weed the vegetable gardens to prevent weeds. Also, a period of haymaking, and because people sat at home and worked in the fields. Accepted 14 July to collect plants that are suitable for dyeing fabrics. There were signs that were tracked that day, informs Rus.Media.

In the Orthodox Church on July 14 is the commemoration day of the Holy unmercenaries and Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian, who lived in Rome and died in 284 year. Damian and Cosmas were brothers and became known first as the doctors. In addition, they possessed the gift of healing, and became famous among the people. And helped to make the people completely free, and thus got the nickname of disinterested. Openly preached faith in Jesus Christ.

During the persecution organized against Christians, they were arrested and put on trial, where they tried to prove they were not involved in magic and witchcraft, no one’s fooled. However, they at first did not believe. Meanwhile, the seriously ill, the Emperor Karina and brothers were brought to him, saying that they demonstrated his gift. After that, Damian and Cosmas were released into the wild. But lived in this city a doctor-mentor of the brothers, who envied his glory. Old called brothers to the mountains, ostensibly for the collection of medicinal herbs, where they killed them, throwing bodies in the river.

In people, July 14, was connected with get-togethers. Usually covered tables chipped in the homes, guests gathered, sang songs and had fun. Day on July 14, gathered raspberries and the first vegetables, spent weeding the beds. Observed late flowering Hypericum. Also in mid-summer, July 14, cooked jam made from gooseberries.

Folk omens on July 14

  1. If this day to weed the garden, then weeds will not
  2. To hear the Nightingale after St. Peter’s day (12 July) – so, winter, by signs, will come only after 30-40 minutes after the feast of the Intercession, and all this time it will be warm enough
  3. The stars twinkle very brightly on 14 July at the night sky and seen clouds in the morning – will be a big storm.
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