Burned half of the body: a famous actress is in critical condition

The actress burns to 51% of the body

Сгорела половина тела: известная актриса находится в критическом состоянии

Famous actress Marianna Rubinchik hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a suburban hospital with severe burns.

This is reported by Russian media.

Сгорела половина тела: известная актриса находится в критическом состоянии

The woman went to the hospital June 29 after fell asleep with a cigarette in his dacha in the Lenin district of the region. Have Rubinchik was diagnosed with burns to about 51% of the body. Suffered face, neck and hands. It is unknown what is the status of the actress, but apparently her body mutilated.

It is also known that it was translated in one of the capital’s hospitals.

Marianna Rubinchik, daughter of the film Director Valery Rubinchik and actress Valentina Shendrikova. She starred in such works as “Old debts”, “Dear mom and dad”, “Movie about movie”, “Bear hunting”.

Сгорела половина тела: известная актриса находится в критическом состоянии

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” the death of an actress of Russian Theatre of the musical Comedy Olga Lozovoy for many was a real shock. She never told anyone about what years of fighting with cancer.

The actress died at the age of 46. All my problems kept it in and tried not to burden their colleagues and acquaintances. Olga Lozova didn’t want to be pitied and treated like a seriously ill person. This statement was made by Director Alla Semak.

During performances all avoided the topic of cancer side. According to Alla Semak, the artists made a significant error, because it was necessary to talk about cancer, as in this case, Olga Lozova would be easier on the soul.

Actor Vladimir Yakovlev’t believe my ears when I heard the news about the death of willow. He met her at the Operetta theatre in St. Petersburg. Yakovlev did not know that his colleague was fighting cancer and was very surprised about her sudden death.

In addition, previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that on Friday, June 29, did not become well-known Ukrainian leading radio “Aristocrats” Yulia liovochkina Rukavitsyna.

About this on their page Facebook writes Olga Zygmanowski. The report notes that the cause of death was traffic accident.

Farewell Julia will be held on Monday, July 2.

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