Blood Moon: the scientists said, should I wait for the end of the world this summer

Get ready, it’s quite near

Кровавая Луна: ученые рассказали, стоит ли ждать конца света этим летом

Some religious followers believe that on July 27, when the Moon becomes blood-red, happens the destruction of the world, because in three places the Bible says about blood moons.

Recently Christians made the whole world to panic, saying that in Revelations, Acts, and Joel’s blood moon is a sign of the Apocalypse.

Кровавая Луна: ученые рассказали, стоит ли ждать конца света этим летом

But scientists from Saudi Arabia debunked this myth, saying that July 27, the end of the world should not wait. They said that this is a normal Eclipse, because of which the people on Earth it will seem that the moon is red. It is possible to find a logical scientific explanation – the moon appears red due to the refraction of light, as at sunset.

In addition, scientists report that the red moon can be seen twice a year. Why do we not see the end of the world?

Кровавая Луна: ученые рассказали, стоит ли ждать конца света этим летом

Scientists say that this Eclipse will be the longest in history as it is to go from the centre. It is the position of the Sun, Earth and moon will make this Eclipse very long.

Recall that this phenomenon can be seen on July 27, 2018. Don’t miss out.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” supporters of conspiracy theories are in full blow that the authorities ignore information about the imminent eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO. The volcano, which is so great that it may destroy not only America but also the whole of Europe.

Back in the summer of 2017, NASA scientists, Cambridge University, the Australian Monash University has announced that SUPERVOLCANO is on the verge of explosion. Scientists found inside the volcano reservoir, which is about to spill magma. Even then, scientists were convinced that the eruption can not be avoided.

If you go into history, we can recall that the animals that inhabited North America 10 million years ago, suffocated by volcanic gases and ash. The perpetrator of this genocide – the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO. It is so large that until the 1970s, scientists believed his valley, and even awarded him the title national Park.

The last was the eruption of the super volcano Taupo in New Zealand 26.5 thousand years ago. Even greater cataclysm occurred in 48 thousand years to Taupo, when it exploded Toba in Sumatra. Emitted fly ash gave the planet a night which lasted six months.

But compared to Yellowstone, Taupo, just a dwarf. The Caldera of this volcano has an area of 3825 sq. km Reservoir of magma is located at a depth of 8 kilometers.

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