Beloved Buzova publicly explained where to shove your “married”

She again disgraced the whole country

Возлюбленный Бузовой публично объяснил, куда ей засунуть свое "замуж"

The father of the Russia midfielder Denis Cheryshev and head coach of “Nizhny Novgorod” Dmitry Cheryshev said the constant cries of Olga Buzova that she wants to marry his son. Dmitry said that the socialite has no chance of becoming part of the family Chernyshevich.

“TV presenter Olga Buzova will not be able to step closer to my son. Her chances to sing songs. My son is not involved in social events. So he scored, different to this is,” said Chernyshev in the air for an interview.

Возлюбленный Бузовой публично объяснил, куда ей засунуть свое "замуж"

Recall the midfielder in the national team of Russia scored four goals in five matches at the world Cup, becoming the best scorer of the team. In 1/4 final match against Croatia he scored a goal from distance.

Then Buzova stated that he wants to marry Denis Cheryshev. Previously, she was married to a football player named Dmitry Tarasov.

Olga turned to the megapopular Cheryshev through your profile in Instagram. The TV host posted on his page a video in which he said that ready to go with Denis to the altar.

“Yes, I agree to marry you. You, by the way, lovely, I want to say. I do not mind the age difference. Without makeup I look like 18. Denis, to you,” said Buzova.

Your post is the star of “House-2” was accompanied by the caption: “You were in the hit parade of my thoughts. Waiting for a call, girlfriend approved”.

Возлюбленный Бузовой публично объяснил, куда ей засунуть свое "замуж"

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” singer Olga Buzova probably lost their legs in search of a future husband, so to simplify the task themselves and a potential boyfriend, and openly told you what he wants.

Singer Olga Buzova told about his life as a footballer Dmitry Tarasov, with whom he parted ways two years ago. Since that time in a serious relationship with anyone was not seen. Therefore, it applies to all men carefully and even strictly.

In addition, in Italy, started shooting the show “Married with Buzova” in which the performer will find chosen. During the reality show, the heroine of claimed by several participants. Their task is to charm, to fall in love and move on to the next stage.

“The strongest expression of love is to accept the person as he is in life. Completely take. You want to find that person with whom you will happy, who will be able to become successful and confident in the future? Choose those who you can tell about the problems, of fatigue, of doubt. Who for you will be able to crush their pride”, says Buzova.

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