At the meeting, trump and the British Queen, there was confusion. Video

На встрече Трампа и британской королевы произошел конфуз. Видео

The US President stopped abruptly in front of the Elizabeth II.

Although it was not a state visit, Trump promised that meeting. In addition, upon arrival at Windsor he was met by a guard of honor. After he and the first lady Melania trump met with 92-year-old Queen, reports the with reference to

Trump was late for a meeting, and Elizabeth II was waiting for him, looking at his watch. And after the US President when they walked past a British soldier, stopped abruptly, and the Queen had to follow him, until the trump were considered fighters.

Netizens reacted to this behavior trump. One lady called him an American idiot and apologized for his boorish behavior.

Another user said that trump had violated Royal Protocol by locking herself Elizabeth II.

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