At school, she humiliated a classmate, but my mom knew how to protect her daughter!

So who should be responsible for what happens at school? Parents or teachers and the Director?

У школі її принизив однокласник, але мама знала, як захистити доньку!

Do you tell your kids what is expressed in claims and how you need them to defend themselves?

This story shows that if you teach children correct behavior and understanding of simple things, then you protect them and yourself in the future from the emergence of unpleasant situations, informs Rus.Media.

The guy took out his classmate constantly. It all came down to the fact that he undid her bra class, and the girl defensively punched him in the face twice.

The school administration called the parents. And history has acquired a different meaning…

The girl’s mother was at work. Until the end of her shift was 2 hours. She worked as a nurse. Phone left in the locker room. Therefore, the school administration called on the landline number of the hospital.

When a woman answered, told her that her daughter punched a boy in the face and take this very seriously. And no more explanation.

The woman arrived to school 1 hour. The Director greeted her with the words: “We have waited a very long time!”. In addition to Director in the office was a classroom teacher, the boy’s parents and the guy with blood on his face.

“Sorry,” said the girl’s mother, I had a lot of work. Here’s the last 40 minutes I helped stitches 7-year-old child whose mother was hit with a bucket on the head, and then gave explanations to the police.

Director after these words, flushed and turned the conversation to the point.

— A boy pulled your daughter over the bra and she turned around and double slapped him in the face so that it bled. Mother thought that the Director accused her daughter. Then she said the following:

— All clear! And are you interested in whether I will press charges to the parents of the boy and the school, which enabled to occur domogan about my daughter?

Everyone present is visibly nervous. No one had expected such a response from women. The teacher said:

Is not such a serious case! Tragedy happens, let’s remain calm.

Director: “You don’t understand the situation.”

The boy’s mother began to cry and the woman began to talk with my daughter.

The daughter of a woman: “He pulled my bra. I complained to the teacher, but he told me not to pay any attention. When he undid it, I hit him.”

When the mother heard the words of his daughter, she asked the teacher why he was allowed to insult one another and did not take any measures.

Let me now touch the front of your trousers? – Asked the girl’s mother to the teacher.

— No! You mad that I mad! – The teacher answered.

Then mom invited the teacher to come to the boy’s mother and pull her bra.

Director: “Your daughter punched a boy classmate!”

— No! Replied the girl’s mother. – She defended herself from harassment. How many times she needs to let this guy touch her if the teacher didn’t want to protect her, although he had. See my daughter’s growth 168 cm, and this guy is almost 2 meters. He is stronger and above it.”

The kid’s mother was crying on the whole the Director’s office, as his father blushed.

— If you and your teachers do not allow themselves to be treated like that, then why is it allowed guy against 15-year-old girl? I will report this to the Administration. And you… — she said to the guy, again if you touch my daughter, I’ll have you arrested for harassment. Do you understand me?

The woman did not leave this business simply so. She called the administration. The staff were shocked by the actions of teachers and Directors, and promised to investigate.

Always be on the side of the child in such situations. Never keep silent. Protect your children!

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