A resounding success: the Game of thrones set a world record

The series will fight for the statuette in the category “Best drama series”

Оглушительный успех: Игра престолов установил мировой рекорд

July 13 in Los Angeles announced the nominees of jubilee, the 70th “Emmy”. Treasured figurines will compete in the TV series “the handmaid’s Tale”, “Game of thrones”, “Westworld” and other popular shows.

So, the popular TV series “Game of thrones”, the shooting of the eighth season, which recently ended, has received 22 nominations for the award “Emmy”.

Оглушительный успех: Игра престолов установил мировой рекорд

Also at the 21 nominations received series “the Wild West” and shows “Saturday Night Live” reports The New York Times.

Interestingly, “Game of thrones”, which had no nominations at last year’s Emmy, was nominated for “Best drama series”, where he will compete against last year’s series winner “the handmaid’s Tale”.

Оглушительный успех: Игра престолов установил мировой рекорд

Who will come out of this race with a statuette, will be known on 17 September, the day of the ceremony awards.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that in less than a month after the wedding, as the performer of the role of John snow in “Game of thrones” has decided to share with the audience details of further life. Kit Harington has become the official husband and colleague on the set of rose Leslie, who played Ygritte.

“I finished shooting a new season of “Game of thrones” – ed) last week, on Thursday, it was just an amazing journey. I once said that it was never just a job. They were all family to me and it was my life. I loved every minute of it. Last week, I was very touched by the thoughts about what was done filming, ” recalled the actor.

Оглушительный успех: Игра престолов установил мировой рекорд

The wedding is left only positive emotions, but not without embarrassment:

“It was fine. It was everything that I ever wanted and even more. I had a black eye, when I first auditioned for Jon snow,” – ironically it.

Where does this “trauma”? As it turned out, it’s pretty banal – the usual fight with a visitor at McDonald’s:

“I lost because I wasn’t cruel. But I feel that the guy who gave me the bruise might have helped me to be strong men,” says the actor.

The wedding of kit Harington and rose Leslie

Оглушительный успех: Игра престолов установил мировой рекорд

23 Jun Scotland was the wedding of the stars of the cult TV series Game of thrones actors kit Harington and rose Leslie. The long-awaited event has attracted even less attention than the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but was included in the list of major parties this year. The ceremony, which brought together almost all the actors of “Game of thrones” took place in an old Scottish castle – the family of the clan of the bride, built in the XII century.

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