39-year-old grandmother spent $80 thousand to look attractive

Alice Vasquez from California proves that age is just a number.

39-річна бабуся витратила $80 тисяч, щоб виглядати привабливо

What associations do you have when you hear the word “grandma”? To mind probably comes up with something from my childhood: kind, sweet and caring woman in a kerchief and a stick. Grandma always tasty feed, smile warm, she is always happy to see. And, of course, she is already old and gray. So imagine grandma? However, grandmothers are different, informs Rus.Media.

Meet the woman named Alice Vasquez. Her thirty-nine years old, she lives in California, United States of America. When she was sixteen, she gave birth to a daughter named Kayla. Through the same age, the girl repeated my mother’s “mistakes of youth”, giving birth to a child also at the age of sixteen. That is, in thirty-two years Alice Vasquez became a grandmother.

39-річна бабуся витратила $80 тисяч, щоб виглядати привабливо

While agree: who-who, and this beauty with magnificent forms, certainly not like a grandmother! Despite the fact that Alice already has a grandson, she is not going to turn into a real dragonfly. About eighty thousand dollars Vasquez on multiple plastic surgeries, she did also a number botoxa injection under the skin. Among other things, the woman regularly visits the gym, runs on discos and leads a healthy lifestyle.

39-річна бабуся витратила $80 тисяч, щоб виглядати привабливо

To relax, Alice Vasquez sometimes visits night clubs, California with her daughter, who is now twenty-three. Tridtsatipjatiletnego grandmother says that often it is taken for the age or the sister of Kylie and meet her, very surprised when she opens your present age. To stop Alice has no plans, she wants to look even better later!

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