Women’s health after 45: the time has come of self-care

The older we get, the higher the risk of serious diseases.

Жіноче здоров&#039я після 45: прийшла пора турботи про себе

How is your heart?

To 45 years old heart attacks in women are less common than in men. However, the climax deprives women of the benefits, informs Rus.Media.

Where better to do a CT scan According to official figures, coronary heart disease, diagnosed almost a quarter of the adult population of Ukraine, most of which (54%) are women. To understand how it feels to your heart, one electrocardiogram not do. By the way, ECG after 45 years should do at least once a year. The number of required examinations is also a blood test. An important indicator of heart and blood vessels are the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is customary to divide it into good and bad. The first, or low-density cholesterol, is able to condense on the walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques, impeding blood flow. So developing atherosclerosis. But good cholesterol is high and very high density, on the contrary, cleanses the blood vessels from the bad cholesterol. To coronary vessels did not suffer their ratio should be optimal.

In women 45-50 years of normal are considered such indicators: amount of total cholesterol from 3, 6 to 94, 86 mmol per liter, the amount of low-density lipoprotein – 2, 05 to 4, 82 mmol per liter, the amount of high density lipoprotein 0, 88 2, 25 mmol per liter.

After receiving the results of such analysis, it is possible not to worry – provided that you do not belong to the group of people with high cardio-vascular risk. That is your parents not died of a heart attack before reaching retirement age, you have no excess weight, you do not smoke, not abuse alcohol, do morning exercises.

Not too you have sweet blood?

A very important indicator of health status – the level of blood sugar. It increases when in the body enough insulin, a hormone produced beta cells pancreas. Insulin plays an important role in the process of absorption of glucose, which we get from food and convert it into energy. If insulin is not enough violated all kinds of metabolism, especially carbohydrate metabolism. This increases the level of glucose in the blood, it becomes too sweet, which is very dangerous for vessels and other organs and tissues of the body. If the indicators of blood glucose through the roof, developing diabetes. That’s why it’s so important at least once a year to check, not too you have sweet blood.

Considered normal the following indicators: the level of fasting blood sugar – from 3, 9 to 5.5 mlola per litre two hours after meals – from 3, 9 to 8.1 mmol per liter; sugar level any time of the day ranging from 3, 9 to 6, 9 mmol per liter.

The sooner you learn that the level of sugar in you or not, the easier it is to prevent the development of diabetes of the second type. Dostatni will reduce the amount of carbohydrates, to get rid of excess pounds and increase physical activity. Even in the presence of the disease with these adjustments in lifestyle to 40% of patients bring your body back to normal without medication.

The condition of your Breasts?

In our country, cancer is diagnosed in one out of 37 women. And the most common breast cancer annually kills more than 7 thousand Ukrainian women. Most of them are young women aged 30 to 54 years. Worldwide the first method of breast cancer screening mammography is recognized. After 45 years it is recommended to take place at least once a year. This allows us to identify tumors in the early stages, when the disease is still possible to win.

It is impossible to lose vigilance and ladies with hormonal disorders, as well as those who underwent surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries. To cause cancer in the female sphere can and frequent abortions. 30% increases the likelihood of malignant tumors Smoking.

If breast cancer was your mother or grandmother, it is necessary to monitor the state of the mammary glands carefully.

How long have you visited a gynecologist?

Another female killer is considered to be cancer of the uterus and cervix. Not to give him any chance, a doctor needs to visit at least once a year. In addition to traditional examination, the doctor examines the cervix using a colposcope and be sure to take a PAP smear. If the patient detects cervical dysplasia and other disorders, it will direct the consultation of the gynaecologist. Most cases of cervical cancer is caused by human papilloma virus. From infected cells they can develop a malignant tumor, if you do not hold to such patients timely and effective treatment.

If you suddenly began to dramatically lose weight

In such cases, without consultation of the oncologist is not enough. Indeed, it is one of the signs of colon cancer.

The emergence of malignant tumors in the intestine can lead not only to weight loss but and appetite, as well as changing tastes.

Anxiety symptoms in this respect is the low hemoglobin level, pallor of the skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, strange bouts of fatigue. To identify the problem at an early stage will help the instrumental examination of the bowel – colonoscopy. With its help, diagnosed ulcerative colitis, polyps, which can develop into a malignant tumor, itself colon cancer.

A colonoscopy will not be called a pleasant procedure, but in spite of this, after 50 years it is recommended that this survey be performed annually.

At an early stage, before the tumor has grown into other organs can be cured very dangerous even bowel cancer.

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