Why it’s better to burn down an apartment than to rent it

It so happened that I inherited a nice apartment in a residential area of Kharkov.

Про те, чому краще спалити квартиру, ніж здавати її

Greed took precedence over common sense and I decided to rent it, informs Rus.Media.

Familiarity with the district

A week after renting the apartment calling the policeman: “You who flat passed? Come to me”.

It turned out that the tenant staged a noisy gatherings. The neighbor came to calm the Joker, but in response received two heavy blows in the face and one in the chest.

The neighbor was taken away in an ambulance. And I started eviction the kitchen of a fighter, but after the tight had to communicate with the district. Unpleasant. Neighbors hate me, with all my heart.


This time sublet the apartment to students. Briefly, on the second day they set the fire.

Smoked either a hookah or a hot samovar and put it on the linoleum, he in turn caught fire. The students noticed the flames too late and began to extinguish it with anything.

Extinguished so that the flooded apartment of a woman who lived on the floor below. Minus some tenants, plus another angry neighbor.

No pre-payment

Decided to find new friends on their 37 square meters. Found… on his head. A guy and a girl begged to let stay without payment.

Poured into the ears that they have something out there in life. A very difficult situation through the eyes of the mother swear, but the rest of the month will pay for everything and even for the next two months. Sorry. Allowed. Before the month came to check their life. The doors are open.

From the apartment they took everything: furniture, plumbing, a gas stove, refrigerator, chandeliers, even the radiators were removed and put plugs. The neighbors saw it, but I was not informed — held a grudge because of the past tenants.


Made a small repair and sell these unfortunate extra square footage. Money put on Deposit. Income is less but the nerves more whole.

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