Why Corvalol and Valocordin is banned in Europe

More than 10 years ago, are familiar to our consumers pharmaceutical preparations as Corvalol, Valocordin and Barboval, began to go abroad only by prescription.

Чому Корвалол і Валокордин заборонені в Європі

Moreover, doctors tend not to prescribe patients these medication, as it has been discovered that can do more harm than help, informs Rus.Media.

A ban on the sale

The MINISTRY of health of Ukraine urged to ensure that the sage is present in the kit of every driver. Although it is banned in the United States, Poland, UAE, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and some other countries.

In Lithuania under article 199 (part 2) of the Criminal Code, all medicines containing barbiturates (including phenobarbital) is smuggling. That is, for their import you can get a real prison term.

We have research aimed at identifying the negative impact of Sage on the human body, was carried out. While in Germany, the United States and several other countries have found that this sedative, nothing but harm, the person brings.

What is the danger

Start of production of these medicines was initiated in 1912 in Germany. Originally, the drug was called Lumala.

The main component of the preparation used for treating depression, seizures and nervousness, was phenobarbital.

This substance accumulates in the body, and chronic administration leads to a number of negative consequences that are associated with changes in the brain.

Side effects long-term administration of Luminal is dementia, severe lesions of the internal organs and even death.

Attempts to minimize the harm of the drug was the creation of Valocordin. The structure of this sedative drug which our seniors to “cure” heart, is still the same phenobarbital, as well as peppermint, Valerian, and extract of hop cones.

One of the components of Valocordin in no way helps the heart, but only relieves anxiety and lost in pleasant for the elderly sleep.

Because of this effect Valocordin or its equivalent Corvalol a drink in years, not even knowing that have become dependent on these funds.

While Valocordin masking the symptoms of heart disease, so to treat them is even harder.

Regular intake of “soothing” Corvalol also leads to a poisoning with bromine. As a result of a man who just wanted to remove the fear and anxiety appear severe liver damage, pulmonary disease, sexual dysfunction, allergies. From changes in the psyche enough to call depression, memory impairment and dementia.

Annually in hospitals get patients who have discovered the poisoning phenobarbital what is contained in Korvalol.

In pharmacies sold much more safe sedative without causing such health problems. But even to buy them you first need to go to the doctor and get competent advice.

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