What is the meaning of Rada adopted the bills on the “probleam”

To compensate budget losses, the government may impose taxes on older cars, the so-called environmental tax.

Що означають прийняті Радою законопроекти по "євробляхам"

“Euroshare” put the squeeze on MPs. Today, 13 July, the Parliament adopted in first reading draft law No. 8487, and 8488, which include amendments to the Customs code and legalize in Ukraine machine foreign numbers, informs Rus.Media.

In the last days in the government quarter, it was hot – there was tightened several thousand car owners on avtonomera from all over Ukraine. They demanded immediate enactment of a bill on preferential customs clearance of machinery, and the abolition of the government decree, according to which the police were authorized to hunt “EuroBLECH”.

Nespola got access to the customs database “Inspector-2006” which captured everyone who enters the country car. Law enforcement agencies have already started to input the information into their system “Rubezh”, which allowed them to quickly “catch” and fine problemer.

It is noteworthy that this morning when it was not clear, put to the vote the draft laws and will are in the session hall the majority for their adoption, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that in any case, to resolve the situation to punish violators will not.

What in the end will end the “world” of power and “eurobserv” how to legalize a car in a foreign offer and how it will affect owners of “ordinary” cars on the Ukrainian registration.

Want even cheaper

In the project 8487 prescribed the abolition of the environmental standard Euro-5, that allows to import into Ukraine cars of any age. This is an important point. For now, “EuroBLECH” customs clearance at all impossible.

Also proposed to change the system of charging taxes. The excise tax will be calculated according to the following formula: base rate for cars, multiplied by the engine volume and age of the car.

The base rate for a gasoline vehicle will be equal to 50 euros, for diesel – 75 euros. Next, calculate the cost of customs clearance is quite simple.

For example, 15-year-old car with a-liter petrol engine with the excise tax will amount to 1 125 euros (50х15х1,5), and the same with a two-liter engine and a half thousand euros. The same car with a diesel engine already will pay 2.25 million euros.

The authors of the bill made a table on which to compare the cost of customs clearance before and after the law. For machines that are older than five years, the difference is two to three times less than now.

Що означають прийняті Радою законопроекти по "євробляхам"

However, the activists, after reviewing the project, even if said – for them it is too expensive.

Alexander Chernyavsky has estimated that used cars 2000-2005 model year, which in Europe is 2-3 thousand Euro, in Ukraine should rastomazhivatsja not expensive 500-1000 euros. He said the activists, along with “individual MPs” already preparing his table of excise rates. Judging by the slogans of some political parties, the fight will go for customs clearance of 300 euros from the machine.

Will pay in the second round

However, the head of consulting company Autoconsulting Oleg Omelnitsky believes that eurobserv, “any rate above zero is high.” In his opinion, this is not the end of history with the car on foreign registration.

Furthermore, even lower rates to the required level activists, is unlikely to legalize “eurobake” cheap. After all, the lion’s share of these cars listed in the ownership of European firms. To put them on Ukrainian numbers, it is necessary to go abroad, to withdraw the machine from the registration, to make the transaction of purchase and sale with the payment of all taxes in the EU, to pass inspection.

Additional costs, according to estimates of expert auto Sergei Kramer, can pull another 2-3 thousand euros. “That is, for the same Audi A6 with diesel motor 2.5 l 2005 release, which was originally worth 3 thousand euros and what is the clearance under the new rules pull in 3.4 million euros, taking into account the additional export and import would have to pay about 6 thousand euros,” – he said.

However, experts suggest that firms that are now supplying the a car avtonomera in Ukraine, put on stream and their legalization, offering a price “package”, including a formal border crossing and the removal of the car from the account and the like.

These firms allegedly “protect” some political forces. Sergei Kramer speaks of “members of the PPO and “popular front” and “people from the entourage of Groisman”. Now these firms take a Commission of 1-1,5 thousand euros for shipping “EuroBLECH” to Ukraine. And in the case of adoption of legislation on preferential customs clearance will take for the legalization of cars for the same money.

He is confident that what is happening in Parliament – “only unofficial games MPs, who are divided, who will get how much when the suckers (car owners on avtonomera – Approx. Ed. ) will be forced to pay again.”

And the head of VAAID Oleg Nazarenko on his page in Facebook wrote that now “EuroBLECH-businessmen” are imported to Ukraine about 40 thousand badges and earn schemes 40-60 million euros per month. “Now look through the Lithuanian website registration companies.. And make amazing discoveries. You will find information about Lithuanian companies, owned by famous Ukrainians. These firms registered at 500-1500 cars, but the number of employees is zero!!!! Beneficial to these Ukrainians – owners of these companies the tax cut? Definitely not! So who is this show? Words want lower taxes, but in reality want to maintain the “status quo” – wrote Nazarenko.

What will happen with the cars on the Ukrainian rooms

Formal adoption of the draft law No. 8487 beneficial to all motorists, as it will lower taxes not only on EuroBLECH, but on other machines, including, the new. Savings on excise taxes can range from 1 thousand to 7 thousand Euro, depending on the year and engine size of the vehicle.

However, while the uncertainty with taxes literally “froze” autopedia – like b/y, and the new segment of the market. According to Khmelnitsky, in June sales of new cars in Ukraine fell 9.3% compared to the same period last year and 5% compared to may of this year.

The representative of the company “Nissan Motor Ukraine” Vladimir Ivanov, says that sales have stopped including because many are waiting for the Ukrainians to decide with taxes and cheaper to machine.

The same thing is happening with the sale of used cars.

Wait for the Ukrainians in the end discounts on cars is still unknown. Oleg Omelnitsky do not exclude that even if the result of the reduction in excise duties will legitimize the power to compensate for budget losses, may introduce other taxes e.g. environmental tax on old cars. And it will have to pay even those who do not sell or buy, but just goes to a used car lot.

“The result for discounts for EuroBLECH will pay the other drivers,” concluded Omelnitsky.

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