Tina bothered the fans of the tired look

Тина Кароль обеспокоила фанатов уставшим видом

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol worried their fans with a tired appearance in the picture.

Singer Tina Karol is an artist who loves to experiment with images and surprise their fans. So, Tina has published a new photo. The photo was taken for the cover of the photobook Sebran D Argen under the name Tina Karol. One shot.

Тина Кароль обеспокоила фанатов уставшим видом

Tina Karol

Per day the estimated more than 25 thousand followers, leaving a lot of comments. The majority of Internet users the liked, and they kept praising.

“This is the divine”, “God, I don’t understand how such beauty is not to like? It’s all love”, “This is a photo of her inner condition. Outwardly strong, beautiful, confident. It’s very strong and vulnerable at the same time. Her happiness and good luck!”, “I can’t find the words! It is simply a masterpiece!”, “Unreal” — written by fans.

But some fans, He seriously disturbed the appearance of the singer. Fans thought that Tina looks tired and pale.

“Pale and tired”, “Tired”, the “Eyes… eyes don’t like…”, “don’t like pale as death. That’s fair”, “a Bit of a weird picture…. whether mentally troubled, or not waking up, or something like that”, “Looks tired and exhausted in the photo,” worried followers.

Тина Кароль обеспокоила фанатов уставшим видом

Tina Karol

We will remind, earlier the producer of the scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda Natella Krapivina rigidly commented on the criticism of popular singer Tina Karol in the direction ALEKSEEV. Krapivin said that, in her opinion, so He “just decided “to hypnoti”. Read more in the material.


Recently, He criticized the popular performer ALEKSEEV for what he represented Belarus at the Eurovision song contest in 2018.

Stating that the choice ALEKSEEV reacted very critically, but didn’t watch the tape of the performance. She said that at the international competitions of the country should represent the people of this particular country. In this situation, according to Carol, there was a “substitution of concepts”. Read more – here.

See a new interview of Tina Karol:

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