This girl loved to sleep with a Python, but the snake suddenly began to lose weight… Knowing what it was, I shuddered!

This woman’s story sounds like a serious warning.

Ця дівчина обожнювала спати з пітоном, але змія раптом стала худнути... Дізнавшись, у чому справа, я здригнувся!

Probably most families have a favorite pet. They become part of your life, you talk to them, love and take everywhere with you. You don’t even mind when they sleep with you in bed. Okay, when it’s neat-groomed cat or dog. But, it turns out, there are people who love something special!

This woman loved his snake and dragged her with him everywhere. What to speak of the fact that they slept together too, informs Rus.Media.

However, the woman soon noticed something was wrong — the Python began to lose weight, and at one point completely refused to eat. They had to go to the vet.

Fortunately, the vet got experienced and learned that the woman receives Python in bed, made the only correct conclusion. Snake stopped eating to… prepare for a big meal!

Being so close with a man, the Python began to fantasize about what, perhaps, would be nice to eat a tasty hostess.

But since the human body is large enough that a turtle has decided to free up space.

That’s the reason for such a serious fasting!

This woman is lucky because she not paid on time, then it might be a nice snack for your scaly pet. Blame him for that difficult — after all, he suffered a serious temptation.

So put that in your pipe: if you have got at home snake, you should not sleep with her in the arms! Meantime, share this post with others. Let check not lost their pet Python.

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