This athlete was accused of fraud with age. You will be shocked to learn how old she is!

This is incredible!

Эту спортсменку обвинили в махинациях с возрастом. Вы будете шокированы, узнав, сколько ей лет!

16-year-old Ethiopian athlete Germanic Gepgyar suspected fraud age. Hard to believe, but it participates in the championship for juniors.

It is reported by Mundo Deportivo.

Gepgyar came third in running race, the 5000 metres and won the bronze medal.

Эту спортсменку обвинили в махинациях с возрастом. Вы будете шокированы, узнав, сколько ей лет!

But in the sports community erupted a heated debate about this. Many can’t believe the athlete is 16 years old, because she looks much older.

Among the fans and other participants of the world championship there were many who doubted that Heblikar has the right to participate in the competition. In the official report of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) the date of the birth of the Ethiopian: November 21, 2001, but apparently the athlete looks much older than stated age of 16. A number of athletes expressed in social media to question the veracity of this information.

It should be noted that scandals associated with age, African athletes occur regularly in soccer. A few years ago the world’s attention was attracted by the Cameroonian midfielder “Lazio” Joseph Minal, who, despite 17 years of age in the documents, looked like a grown man. Then it turned out that Joseph did not do fraud to understate your age.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” the Ukrainian athlete Alena Chumakova, which at the beginning of may last year won the European championship on bodybuilding and fitness IFBB the 2017 European Championship, fans are new photos in bikini. This is reported by the media.

36-year-old zaporozhane posted pictures from my holiday in Turkey. Photos in which beauty is depicted on the Bank of the pool, gathered a lot of rave reviews from friends and fans.

In January of this year Alena got into a bit of a scandal. Her enticing images were discovered on the website of perverts.

We will remind, American musician Willie Francis, better known as William Control, was accused of creating a sex-sect, where he mocked the women.

Against the ex-frontman of the band Aiden made a few victims. They said that he forced them to play the role of sex slaves and “branded” them with tattoos with his initials and forced to sign various contracts on their own blood.

According to one of the women, the musician demanded that she change her appearance and has lost, with the result that she developed a serious eating disorder.

“There were certain rules, and he shot me with the camera while humiliating sex scenes”, – said the victim.

One of the injured girls said that at the time when the Control lured her into their sect, she was 14 years old.

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