The ritual of throwing the bouquet has turned into an incredible surprise for the bridesmaids!

Wedding ceremony, of course, are always beautiful.

Ритуал підкидання букета перетворився в неймовірний сюрприз для подружки нареченої!

Regardless of the quality organization, is always a feast! Today we will show You footage of one wedding, became a happy day not only for bride and groom, but also for several others. The coolest moment is during the ritual of throwing the bride’s bouquet, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, this stunning surprise knew a few people, and it has been carefully prepared. Instead of throw the bouquet, the bride just back and gives it to his best friend.

All in shock, but after a few seconds everything clears up. From somewhere comes another bridegroom – and makes an offer of marriage to his sweetheart!

This incredible moment was filmed on a camera! And soon we will all witness an incredible romance and organization!

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