The journalist was doused with beer live. Video

Журналиста окатили пивом в прямом эфире. Видео

Sports reporter splashed in the face with a glass of beer.The journalist commented on the semifinal game of the world Cup qualifier between England and Croatia. At the beginning of his speech in the frame appeared the drunk man. He began to behave aggressively, to shout, and then poured the reporter a glass of beer.

Burr quickly came to, dusted himself off and continued the broadcast. Some time later, the man again returned to the frame.

The reporter reacted to the incident with humour, saying that English fans are very upset with the outcome of the game.

“For the first time in Croydon, in South London, and what an initiation! Not counting the beer in the face (drunk Australian), it was an amazing experience. The operator and I’m fine. Thank you for your kind words,” wrote Burr on Twitter.

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