The doctors told why you can’t eat watermelons in July

Due to the hot summer, this year the melons did not ripen earlier than usual. However, doctors still do not recommend eating melons in July. Explain why.

Лікарі розповіли, чому не можна їсти кавуни в липні

Melons, watermelons – all the richness of summer. However, doctors say that early melons, which are full of stalls in the markets and shops, can be harmful to the body. Doctors insist – melons still have fruit Aug, informs Rus.Media.

Watermelon is a great diuretic and is recommended for patients with diseased kidneys can rid the body of toxins, but on the condition that the fruit will be fresh, natural and without chemicals. This chemistry, most doctors fear, forbidding in these fruits in July.

Watermelons, for the maturation of which used a nitrate, can cause severe poisoning, the particular dangers they pose to children. Therefore, if the parents decide to buy a watermelon, you should not treat children.

In addition, doctors pay attention to the choice of watermelon. It is very important that he had no damage on the bark, as through the incision may get harmful bacteria and germs. Therefore, you can not buy sliced melons – they can cause poisoning.

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