The Deputy beat up a woman for the observation to take a pit bull on a leash

“Heroics” the people’s Deputy Nikolay Pakulski. The victim received a concussion.

Депутат побив жінку за зауваження взяти пітбуля на повідець

In Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv for the comment to take the dog of combative breed pit bull on a leash received hastalska Deputy concussion, bruised and spent two days doctors, taking tests and conducting the survey, informs Rus.Media.

“This result is a trivial request for the observance of the legitimate rights of the people to security. Attacking me was an athlete, wrestler, boxer, businessman and MP from the City. Aggressive man with tattoos, one who weighs more than me entirely. A Nicholas Pakulski,“ – said the victim.

“This gentleman was walking his pit bull without a leash and a muzzle near my entrance, where usually a bunch of little kids with mamochkam. Having received a fair point-the request to take the dog on a leash (it’s a fighting breed, very dangerous) I got selected portion of the huskies five-story building. A little later, followed by a blow to the head, which I still can’t get over it. Not ashamed of the numerous surveillance cameras and witnesses-neighbors. Just walked up and cut his hand-a hammer to my head. It’s no joke — the big man-subst kissed with all the dope on a fragile woman. Complaining about it on neighbors — on any comment — select aggressive Mat. Now came to blows. What’s next?“ writes from Kiev.

The report notes that, traditionally, the police did not hurry in this case to uphold the rule of law.

“The police of the Dneprovsky district of Kiev accepted the statement, but have lowered business on brakes. Despite the fact that the person is known to the attacker — they do not work,“ said the victim.

“On the Internet I found out that he is an ex-policeman, and studied in five universities. Economist, lawyer, journalist, PhD in law, bearer of the order from the Orthodox Church… yeah… perhaps he is trying to hush up the case, because police sent me not to the investigator, and to the district,“ said a citizen.

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