The best health resorts of Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia – the generous and rich Ukrainian region that attracts with its magnificence and uniqueness. There are many monuments of our country. There are many beautiful resorts.

Кращі санаторії Закарпаття

The best health resorts of Transcarpathia

In Transcarpathia concentrated many attractions of our country. Therefore, it is not surprising is the fact that there are many beautiful resorts that take hundreds of tourists, informs Rus.Media.

Health resorts of Transcarpathia, judging by the reviews the hotel is a beautiful resort where you can rest and relax alone or with family. Excellent accommodation, European service, clean mountain air, beautiful nature, stunning views – only a small part of the benefits of staying here.

The best health resorts of Transcarpathia offer their guests a wide range of Wellness and recovery procedures, which can significantly improve their health.

Features of resort vacation in Transcarpathia

Absolutely everything sanatorium complexes, which are located on the territory of Transcarpathian region, have unusual natural Wellness potential. It is, first of all due to the amazing climatic conditions. It is in this area of Ukraine is the most clean and fresh air, as well as the most helpful and healing of natural resources. It is therefore hardly surprising that the sanatorium complexes in Transcarpathia are very popular among Ukrainians.

Sanatorium complexes, which are located in such localities as clearing, Shayan, Solotvyno, Bruise, etc., deserves to be called amazing resorts. Their unique feature is the mineral and thermal waters, which are used in the process of recovery. Their healing properties have been known for a long time. Also interesting is the fact that nezvalova particular locality in Transcarpathia is based on the name of mineral water that flows there. Water from mineral and thermal springs – an effective tool in the treatment of many physical and psychological diseases, e.g., diseases of the nervous system, heavy metal poisoning, lesions of the stomach and liver.

What diseases are treated in sanatorium-resort complexes?

The best health resorts of Transcarpathia is ready to offer its visitors a wide range of services. It will help you to get rid of various diseases.

1. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

* gastritis;

* peptic ulcer;

* colitis;

* various bowel dysfunction.

2. Liver disease

in hepatitis of various types, including persistent and cholestatic;

* problems with the biliary ways;

* steatosis;

* rehabilitation after operations.

3. Urological diseases:

* stones in the kidneys and urinary tract;

urinary diathesis;

* inflammatory processes.

4. Gynecological diseases:

* inflammation of the female genital organs;

* rehabilitation after surgery.

5. Problems with metabolism:

* varying degrees of obesity;

* diabetes.

6. Diseases of the respiratory tract:

* chronic and advanced forms of sinusitis;

* laryngitis;

* tracheitis;

* lung disease;

* pharyngitis;

* bronchitis.

In the process of treatment using only the most effective and modern treatments such as:

* thermal and mineral baths;

* balneo – and electrotherapy;

* garate;

* aromatherapy;

* bathing in vats of Aphrodite”;

* herbal medicine;

* the massage;

* thermotherapy;

* inhalation;

* Exercise therapy;

* use oxygen cocktails, and the like.

* If you are looking for a modern holiday complexes with swimming pool, first-class service, wide range of Wellness and recovery procedures, without the slightest hesitation choose the health resorts of Transcarpathia. Resorts is ready to host the holidaymakers of any age, from the youngest to the elderly people.

Transcarpathia loyal for all categories of tourists, they will surprise You and delight you.

Кращі санаторії Закарпаття

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