The best films presented at the Odessa film festival 2018. Video

Лучшие фильмы, представленные на Одесском кинофестивале 2018. Видео

Odessa international film festival kicked off on Friday, July 13 and runs until July 21.Screenings of dozens of films both fiction and documentary, will be held these days at the FESTIVAL. We offer you a list of movies that should not be missed this year, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

“Three and half”

Display: 17 Jul, 10:00 and 18:30

The film, shot in India by Daria Gaykalova, already lighted at several film festivals. The film tells the stories that happened in the same house for over 50 years. Remarkable about it is not only the story, but the way of shooting — he shot three shots in 40 minutes.

The soundtrack for this film was written by Ukrainian singer Daniela Saushkina, the front-woman of Vivienne Mort band. She received the prize of the Cyprus international film festival in the nomination “the Best soundtrack of a feature film”.


Display: 19 Jul, 10:00 and 18:00

This is the debut of the Belarusan Director Darya Zhuk. He talks about the girl-DJ from Minsk, which wants to move to Chicago. The film takes place in 1996.

“Gogol Doc”

Show: July 16, 21:30 and July 21, 11:00

Documentary by Alisa Pavlovskaya about the festival GOGOLFEST is the first time it will be shown at OIFF. In the center of the picture is not only the Creator of the project Vlad Troitsky and his team, and artists who regularly participate in progressive for the Ukrainian culture festival.

“Garmon”Showing: 16 Jul, 14:00

The film by Igor Savchenko was released in 1934. He talks about the fun and the accordion Timoshka, who is trying to control the village and to deal with conflict and Komsomol members, “Gorgol”.

“Lta Molod”Display: July 17, 16:00

The film tells the story of Natalia and Vladimir, who dream to go to drama school in Kyiv. In this film, 1958 first heard the hit Platon Mayboroda to the words of Andriy Malyshko “Song about the Towel”. The composer also wrote the music to the whole movie. I advise you to read our material about the war years Platon Mayboroda and his brother George at the link.

“Chernomorochka”Display: July 16, 21:30

The directorial debut of Alexey Korneev was released in 1959. He talks about lovers Sophia and VAS. He is a cadet of the naval College, who wants the girl to go with him to Odessa. She is a talented singer who accidentally gets a chance to speak.

“Piluek Canti”Display: July 19, 19:00

Musical Comedy based on the operetta Yuri Milutin and Eugene Shatunovsky was released in 1974. In accordance with the genre the film has everything: love triangles, epic plot twists and memorable songs.

“Hale, mi Hale”Display: July 18, 13:30

“Hale, mi Hale” is one of the films about the Plug and Tarapunka, the legendary couple Ukrainian humorists, which is even mentioned in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession”. Only with the participation of the duet came about ten films. This painting tells of how Plug and Tarapunka decided to go to Moscow for a concert, but did not notice that their car uncoupled from the train.

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