That tells about a man of his word-parasites?

Almost every man can learn everything, just listening to his speech.

Що розкажуть про людину її слова-паразити?

Yes, gait, facial expressions and reactions to certain circumstances are also well known in the art of reading character, but just talking a particular person will give to others what she so diligently ignores, informs Rus.Media.

More specifically, the words-parasites, which are eaten by man is not just a way of binding expressions, but also a kind of litmus test that reveals the qualities, virtues and character flaws.

So, what hides behind such a common and supposedly harmless words-parasites?

“By the way” is an expression used in everyday conversation, all those people who lack attention.

They may feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar company, and therefore cover up their confusion with this word.

Listen to someone’s conversation and see how immediately attracts the attention of the person who starts his speech with the word “incidentally”.

“In short” — a measure of haste, nervousness and aggression.

Most often this word is used by people with a choleric type of temperament. Some of them can surely be considered with symptoms of an unbalanced nervous system.

You can also often use this word in people talkative and not able to cope with this for their quality.

“This is the most” often say those people who are too lazy to do their jobs and their domestic responsibilities.

They can be unreliable and impulsive, so they cannot be too much to hope for. And yet such a personality deftly avoided punishment in time blaming the nearest suitable victims.

“Actually” — another word from the daily vocabulary of insecure people.

But, unlike “by the way”, these individuals have the enviable talent to roll scandals literally out of the blue. However, they do so for the same reason – insecurity.

“In fact,” slips in conversations arrogant and selfish people.

They trust only my own experience and my opinion, and the rest is simply not interested. As a rule, man is”really” hard to make friends and starts a relationship because he believes himself the one and only.

Other people are simply the audience for his vital performances.

“Type” and “means” love to say real conservatives.

They are against everything new and the rightness of their opinions can prove aggressive attitude to the interlocutor.

“As if” is a sign of creative nature, which often spends time in his fantasy world.

This is the phrase such people unconsciously accentuate his isolation from society and all the relativity of every event in your life.

“Just” is often uttered by those people whose opinion is not independent.

They depend on their environment and are afraid to take on any responsibility. They often met, than finally “dropped” in the eyes of familiar people.

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