Scientists have captured rare fish-Ghost of the Mariana trench. Video

Ученые впервые запечатлели редкую рыбу-призрака из Марианской впадины. Видео

Scientists for the first time captured on video the fish-Ghost of the Mariana trench. The creature was seen at a depth of 2.4 thousand meters in its natural environment, which previously science was not possible to do, writes the with reference to Likely.

Two years ago, completed another expedition of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration to study the bottom of the Mariana trench, which was conducted using ship Okeanos Explorer. It was then that scientists first managed to capture a live specimen of fish-Ghost on video in the usual conditions of life.

Previously, experts were able to observe representative family pionowych after capture in captivity, as well as for the dead individuals. Received special devices footage from a depth of 2.4 thousand meters show excellent 10-inch transparent body, entirely devoid of scales, and a long thin fins on the body of the fish-Ghost.

To obtain unique footage that represents incredible value for science, the experts were able, thanks to the vehicle with a remote control that can sink to any depth to record high-quality images under water.

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