Regina todorenko fell in love with a maniac

Regina todorenko showed what book are reading and why she likes the main character

Регина Тодоренко влюбилась в маньяка

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of unusual followers in Instagram posts. This time the girl told about the book by Daniel Keyes, which reads on vacation. It turns out that the main character, Billy Milligan, was very impressed by celebrity.

Регина Тодоренко влюбилась в маньяка

“I have this story captures. Sometimes I’m angry at Billy , but often I want to support him and just talk. Huh … I woke up the love maniac. And what are you reading, comrade? “- asked the fans of Todorenko. Fans immediately began to comment on what he saw: “Regina, you are so cool! I love you!”, “I, “the Great Gatsby” chose to read) P. S You are very beautiful, Regina”, “Billy struck at the end) in the end, only compassion left…”, “Great book! Suggest to read the book flowers for Algernon, this is the best work of Daniel Keyes! And touch,” “a Terrible and incredibly touching book…”, “Terrific book. The plot is built on contrasts. It grabs from the first page. Good reading!”, “Sometimes the killers are very charming! I love the show Dexter! In my opinion, the most charismatic maniac!”.

Регина Тодоренко влюбилась в маньяка


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