Rare archival video: Tsunami from the atomic bomb

During the Second world war, the US tried to implement the first ever project of high-powered weapons that can cause an incredible tsunami.

Рідкісне архівне відео: Цунамі від атомної бомби

Needless to say how dangerous it is flirting with the forces of nature? The first tests conducted with nuclear warheads, was so powerful that the project had decided to close. At least officially, informs Rus.Media.

Project management was assumed by Professor Thomas Leach from the University of Auckland. The experiments were conducted on the coast of New Caledonia: the result is shown in the video of the explosion managed to create a 10-meter tsunami wave.

Some time, the Pentagon is still pondering over the implementation of a more serious project. The so-called “Tsunami bomb” was supposed to consist of 2 million explosive charges, including those intended to use nuclear explosions. The calculations showed that the implementation of a tsunami bomb would lead to the complete destruction of Japan — the project for the second time was considered too dangerous.

However, experiments with underwater atomic explosions continued.

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