Poplawski takes off his hat: Verka Serduchka again decided to leave

Serduchka has denied the rumors about leaving the scene

Поплавский снимает шляпу: Верка Сердючка опять передумала уходить

All the rumours that popular actor, showman and singer Andri Danilko says goodbye forever with the image of Verka Serduchka, ends his musical career and leaves the stage turned out to be wrong.

The corresponding statement Serduchka made on his official page in Instagram.

In the post it was written that the actor Andrei Danilko, which belongs to the image of Verka Serduchka, is back from vacation and feels great.

Поплавский снимает шляпу: Верка Сердючка опять передумала уходить

“I want to refute the widespread information that the concert VERKA SERDUCHKA & Band in Odessa on July 13, 2018 will be the last in his career. To paraphrase a classic, we say that the rumors about retirement VERKA SERDUCHKA is very exaggerated. The actor just returned from vacation and is in great shape”, – stated in the post.

Поплавский снимает шляпу: Верка Сердючка опять передумала уходить

As previously reported portal “Know.ia”, a famous Ukrainian actor, singer and showman Andrey Danilko for the umpteenth time in his artistic career, and how claims – for the last time, said goodbye to the stage name and the image of Verka Serduchka. Funny conductor, which turned into a pop phenomenon, apparently, has finally tired of him.

The last performance on the stage will be a concert in Odessa on 13 July – it promises to be a Grand affair with an artist will bring not only a stage mom, but a team of 20 people.

Поплавский снимает шляпу: Верка Сердючка опять передумала уходить

“It will be a Grand performance artist who missed his audience. A spectacular show, worthy of Verka Serduchka. It in itself is already a holiday! By the way, in addition to well-known songs, Verka has produced several new compositions, premiere of which took place in Odessa”, – said Danilko.

The portal also reported that the seventh season of the musical show “X factor” proved to be a showman and composer Andrey Danilko so challenging mentally and physically, that the artist was considering leaving the place at the judges ‘ table.

About this Danilko told during the filming of “X-Factor-9”. According to a member of the jury, in this very dressing room where the conversation took place in the seventh season he had repeatedly suffered nervous breakdowns.

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