Photos without makeup Philip Kirkorov shocked fans

Terrible, angry, tired.

Фото без гриму Філіпа Кіркорова шокувала шанувальників

Philip rests in the United States with the children. The singer published a photo which caused a storm of emotions among his fans in Instagram: in the picture he is resting in the pool and is clearly not worried about what it looks like without makeup and photoshop, and even in swimming trunks, informs Rus.Media.

Actor with the children of Alla-Victoria and Martin went to America to enjoy their summer vacation. The family visited the amusement parks, made a shopping, and now relaxes in a hotel in Los Angeles.

“Time is no one color”, — told the artist in the social network. “The body tablemate”, “Scary, evil, tired, the Face was the disproportionately huge from Botox” is only part of the negative reviews that left the artist fans. Some supported Kirkorov, commenting that on vacation no one needs to “keep face,” and anyway, Philip can afford it”.

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