Opening campaign-2018: how reduced the budget places in Universities

After the beginning of introductory campaign-2018 at the Ministry of education said the number of budget places in this year entrants can count on.

Вступна кампанія-2018: наскільки скоротили бюджетні місця у Вишах

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine before the opening campaign approved volume of the state order (i.e., budget) on training of specialists, scientific, scientific and pedagogical and personnel, advanced training and retraining in 2018, as well as the project volumes of the state order for 2019-2020, informs Rus.Media.

How much budgetary places in Ukraine

Only for training of specialists this year have allocated 191 100 seats, that is, the same number of students. Of these, an overwhelming number of budget places allocated to full-time education – 355 171 people.

But, despite this, the vast majority, this number is less than the volume of public procurement in 2017 9.6%.

The number of budget places for learning

For preparation of specialists of educational-qualification level “Junior specialist” is set at 39 210 beds, including full-time – 35 881. This number is also less by 30.5%.

The form of training “bachelor” received the largest number of budget – 78 755 people, including full-time education – 71 873 people, which is 4.2% less than in 2017.

“Master on the basis of a bachelor” – 62.4 thousand people.

Least “got” funded places to those who will attend graduate school or doctoral programs – they are designed only 4.4 thousand people.

Training and worker

Acceptance of students for training in working professions by the state order in 2018 provided in the amount of 23 thousand people.

For those who continue their education after graduation (training) allocated a budget of $ 213 991 people. Project of mon indicators specialists, scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in 2019 made at the level of 197 thousand people (in full-time education – 179 400 thousand people), in 2020 – 202,5 thousand people (in full – 189,600 persons).

Prohibitions and restrictions in training on a budgetary basis

The Ministry of education explained this distribution of budget places in 2018. According to them, public procurement professionals must meet the needs of the market. That is why the Ministry of economic development has developed amendments to the state order mechanism to create additional motivation for students most popular specialties.

“This year we proposed to prohibit the redistribution of state orders between industries, next year introduces several important changes. For example, offer increased scholarship for students of engineering, technical, agricultural specialties, which now is in need of industry, IT-sphere. This is an important issue for the Ukrainian economy,” – commented the decision of the government first Deputy Prime Minister Stepan kubiv.

Earlier in the Ministry of education said, what are the 10 main specialties will receive the largest number of budget places in 2018.

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