One hit can be fatal: doctors debunk the main myths about pregnancy

If you still smoke, dispose of immediately

Одна затяжка может стать роковой: врачи развенчали главные мифы о беременности

There are many myths about Smoking during pregnancy, which some use as an excuse their reluctance to get rid of this addiction. Reports Clutch.

Myth # 1: I smoked during my last pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy child, so this child too will be healthy.

Одна затяжка может стать роковой: врачи развенчали главные мифы о беременности

Fact: warranties actually no, even if the woman smoked during the first pregnancy and all went well. Every cigarette kills the unborn child.

Myth # 2: There’s nothing wrong with that the baby will weigh less than normal.

Fact: children with low weight at birth often suffer serious health problems than children of normal weight. This problem may not manifest in childhood, but will be felt in adulthood. Smoking during pregnancy greatly increases chances of low birth weight baby.

Myth # 3: I’m on the third month of pregnancy. Now it makes no sense to throw the main damage to the health of the baby is already done.

Fact: if you quit Smoking at any stage of pregnancy, the baby is better off, in fact. Now if you quit Smoking, the risk of having a baby weighing below norm you will have such as non-Smoking women. It also increases the chances that your child’s lungs are well develop and function.

Myth # 4: Smoking calms and relaxed mom is good for baby.

Fact: you may feel more relaxed after a cigarette, but in your body are absolutely opposite changes. Smoking raises your heart rate, increases blood pressure. Each puff increases the level of carbon monoxide in the blood, thereby reducing the access of oxygen to the baby.

Одна затяжка может стать роковой: врачи развенчали главные мифы о беременности

Myth # 5: If I quit Smoking, it will be a big stress for the child.

Fact: Smoking during pregnancy harms your child. The fact that you quit Smoking will be immeasurably less stress for the baby. Quit Smoking – the best thing you can do for your child.

Myth # 6: it is Enough that I will smoke less cigarettes during pregnancy.

Fact: there is no safe number of cigarettes. Even a few cigarettes a day, even one means in the body of your child will get harmful chemicals. You never know which cigarette will be fatal. Some smoke a pack a day and a baby is born with minimal problems, some one kills a cigarette.

Myth # 7: If I stop Smoking then I will gain too much extra weight.

Fact: pregnancy is the perfect time to quit Smoking. Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. Moreover, food which you’ll have to replace the cigarettes will become a source of additional vitamins for the baby.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” because of the surge of hormones a pregnant woman can sharper to react to stimuli, and some particularly stupid questions can simply deduce it from itself. In this collection you will know that it is best not to talk to the woman in the position.

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