My husband bought nine lottery tickets and won nine times

Lucky won all nine times.

Чоловік купив дев&#039ять лотерейних квитків і виграв дев&#039ять разів

Robert Lundstedt bought four tickets from the Massachusetts lottery Mass Cash drawing at the supermarket, Trucchi in West Bridgewater, then the inner feeling made him buy two tickets at the Quick Stop in West Bridgewater, two in The Corner Market in West Bridgewater and one last ticket at Cumberland Farms in Bridgewater, informs Rus.Media.

Lundstedt gave one ticket to his son, another his daughter, leaving seven for yourself. He said that he had checked the newspaper in the morning and found that the numbers of all his lottery tickets match the winning numbers.

Lucky won all nine times. In the amount of his winnings amounted to about 700000 dollars. Lundstedt, said that it plans to use the money to pay the mortgage and his children, Brian and Kristen said that they plan to use their winnings to repay student loans.

“This win doesn’t change our lives very much. We are simple people, ‘ said Brian Lundstedt. Just going to have a little more savings.”

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