Looks like an underwater nuclear explosion – an incredible sight!

Until recently, a classified video of nuclear tests posted on the web.

Як виглядає підводний ядерний вибух - неймовірне видовище!

July 25, 1946, the United States implemented the first underwater atomic explosion. The Baker device ” with a capacity of 23 kilotons was placed to a depth of 27 meters, to see how will effect of nuclear explosions on the ship. The tests were so successful that the next decade America has not conducted similar experiments, but the data, especially videos, were classified, informs Rus.Media.

Relatively recently a physicist Greg Spriggs from Lawrence Livermore national laboratory name of Ernest Lawrence U.S. Department of energy, posted a recording later of the underwater nuclear explosion, conducted in the framework of operation Hardtrack I 21 may 1958 at the Pacific proving ground.

Among other highlights underwater nuclear explosion under the label Umbrella. For testing we used the bomb Mk-7 with a capacity of 8 kilotons. located at a relatively shallow depth.

The targets were decommissioned ships, including several Japanese cruisers. The height of the waves reached 30 meters. Ships target was partially destroyed, those that remained received radioactive contamination up to 8,000 x-rays. To neutralize him failed.

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