July. It’s not too late to plant in the garden

I think that the crop is over? And here and there, if you wish, you can put the second time not only potatoes, but also a lot of fast growing crops that will have time to fall to yield a crop.

Липень. Що ще не пізно посадити на городі

Spring sown radish, turnip, rutabaga, carrots, beets, parsnips and root parsley are ready for harvest in July and August, but to lay in store before: in the cellar is still too warm, and will not delegat they are until spring. But if they sow in July, the crop harvested in September – October, no problem dolega until spring. Actually in July it is difficult to obtain germination of green seeds are small, dry quickly and the seedlings can die; to avoid this, crops mulch, removing mulch before the seedlings, informs Rus.Media.

In July you can sow borage (Borago), but it is necessary to sow in partial shade as in the sun she quickly throws inflorescences and coarse.

Dill is generally sown every 15 to 20 days to make seeds come up faster, they are pre-soaked in water. Bed for dill should be well lit, and the soil fertile. You also cannot sagomate crops.

A real record for precocity, watercress, gives the greens in two weeks. Lettuce grows for about a month. Appeared shoots need to thin out that plants are not stretched. Below the rosette of leaves was more elaborate, do not forget to regularly water the lettuce.

It is not superfluous to find a place for spinach. Soak the seeds in water for a couple of hours: after sowing seedlings appear in a week. And after two weeks the greens will be ready for cutting.

The arugula will go in five or six days. The ground for it povinnni to be fertile and moist. Then the young leaves are especially tender and tasty. More than other popular varieties Rococo and Solitaire.

Put onion and parsley, they are the autumn gives good greens and please juicy the stairs and even in the spring. So kill two birds with one stone.

Radishes also can be sown in summer, every two weeks, only select varieties that are resistant to strelkovanie. This will allow you to be with juicy root vegetables before the first frosts. Sown in July and harvested in October daikon well stuck until March in the cellar and will not lose freshness. But be careful – the stairs can affect cruciferous flea beetles, cabbage moths and other pests.

Peas and beans also Mature fairly quickly. Before planting they should be soaked for 10-12 hours, and the garden well watered. The heat will have to regularly water the seedlings, knocking the temperature and not letting the soil dry and the peas will give a normal yield.

Sorrel, rhubarb, onions slizun, batun, chives ) sow in the garden, located on a hill. Then they flooded onnie waters and provide early spring greens. Whether they have time to form a rosette of leaves and before the frost.

When summer planting give preference to early maturing varieties and hybrids. They may not as fruitful, but produce a crop much earlier, having time for the warm period to bear fruit.

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