July – important work in the garden, vegetable garden, flower garden

Major concerns, July is the watering and fertilizing of plants.

Липень - важливі роботи в саду, городі, квітнику

In the garden
If fruit trees are noticeable dry twigs and branches begin to sawing. Seen very well on a background of green foliage, so don’t wait for the autumn.
Take care of next year’s crop now. As practice shows, not all berry bushes indulge us with abundant harvests, so forget about them is not worth it.
Treat Apple and pear against scab, cherry from kokkomikoza. Protect from slimy plum Sawfly and perforated spots.
After harvest, be sure to treat the beds with strawberries: prosopite them, podrujit aisle backfill under the roots of plants fresh nourishing soil. This is to ensure that the strawberries have released the young foliage, which remains for the winter and helps the plant to stay warm under the snow.
With an abundant number of fruits on Apple trees, pears and plums will install a special backup that will save the branches from breaking.
Every day inspect the bushes with raspberries. Berries rotted, remove them immediately as they Mature.
Harvest of black currants also clear on the basis of ripeness. Remember that ripe fruit hang very long and can quickly crumble. This does not apply to white and red currants. The berries of these shrubs are firmly hanging on the branches for up to 30 days, informs Rus.Media.

In the garden
In the first half of the winter month, dig up the garlic together with the tops, then tie the plants to “spit” and leave dostosowania in a well ventilated area.
20 days before harvest of onions, stop watering it.
In the bushes with cauliflower a little to break a few of the upper leaves. This way you protect the plant from the scorching sun, to get a well-developed white blossoms.
At the end of the month spend the seeding sorrel, rhubarb, perennial onions.
If the month is dry, liberally pour over the potatoes. This technique enables to achieve a rich harvest.
Make vershkovyi tomatoes. For that tall varieties and hybrids obrotu elite. This technique will stop the further growth of the plant and will target all his strength the rewards that ensued. Also spare bushes of tomatoes from the flowers and buds, they still will not have time to grow the fruit the normal size. Despite the fact that in July we begin to receive the long-awaited first harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers, don’t forget about feeding these crops with the drugs, the main components of which are potassium and phosphorus.
Guide final thinning root crops. Remember, that the distance between the crops of carrot and parsley should be at least 4 cm, radish – 8-10 cm, and beet – 10-12 cm After feed vegetables with a solution of ash. July feeding roots have time to form tops aimed at the accumulation of the cultures in sugar content. To help plants, use a potash-type calcium sulfate (1 g per 10 liters of water) or infusion of ash (1:10).
Shorten the loop of pumpkin bushes above the third leaf after the ovary. Cut all side shoots that have no fruit. Best one plant to leave no more than three ovaries. Remember frequent and abundant watering plants.
Don’t forget about regular fertilizing cucumbers and tomatoes. For these purposes, the ideal solution of ash (70 grams per liter of water), or mullein (1:10).

In the flower garden
If the flower plants you see signs of mildew, run a treatment of shrubs preventive drugs. For this purpose, the perfect tools such as “Topaz” or “Speed”.
Do not forget about the systematic pruning of faded flowers. In any case do not allow setting of seed, as in this case, the plants weaken.
To avoid breakage of the stems of tall flowers such as gladiolas, dahlias, hollyhocks, tie them to the supports.
In the bushes with roses remove any thin shoots and shoots (wildings) and to feed them with a solution of mullein at the rate of 1 part to 20 parts of water, adding 30 g of superphosphate, 20 g of ammonium nitrate and 8 grams of potassium chloride.
After flowering peonies under bushes make humus or compost and fill it with soil.
To protect plants from fungal diseases, spray 1% Bordeaux liquid solution or 0.5% solution of oxychloride of copper. For prevention need treatment once a week.
In the middle of the month dig bulbous culture. Bulbs clean off the ground and put it on dosushki under the canopy in a well ventilated area.
At the end of the month last time spend feeding flowering annuals and thin out the seedlings of perennials.

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