In London inflated trump

At the time of the visit of a tramp in London stepped up security, as it is expected a number of protests

В Лондоне надули Трампа

British activists in London launched a 6-metre balloon in the form of evil baby, like the President of the United States Donald trump.

The action takes place amid protests from trump’s visit to Britain which began on Thursday evening, July 12. Reported by the Daily Mail.

6-foot inflatable baby has an orange color, angry face and hairstyle, as President trump. He’s wearing a diaper fastened with a safety pin, and a hand “baby trump” keeps the smartphone. Thus the activists trying to make fun of the temper of the White house and his fascination with social networks.

В Лондоне надули Трампа

“Baby trump” tied to the ground in the area in the Park near the Parliament. Balloon can rise into the air to a height of 30 meters. It will fly in a Park over the weekend during the stay of the US President in London. After this “baby trump” transported to Scotland and will be placed near the Golf club, Turnberry, owned by an American President.

В Лондоне надули Трампа

It is noted that at the time of the visit of a tramp in London stepped up security, as it is expected a number of protests.

At the same time the American President said that the British love him very much.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” trump pushed Britain hard ultimatum.

London plans to leave the EU but maintain close relations of Britain with the common market of the Union. This commitment might prevent the conclusion of a large-scale deal on trade with the United States. This was stated by us President Donald trump in an interview with The Sun.

“If they (the government of the UK – ed) will sign the agreement, we will deal with the EU, not the UK, so it will probably kill the agreement (between the UK and the USA – ed)”, – he stressed.

Trump is confident that the new plan Brexit “certainly have a negative impact on trade with the United States.”

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