How to lose weight for women after 40?

Your health should be treated with care and that’d be a great method for weight loss in 20 years, now just won’t help.

Як схуднути жінкам після 40?

Stable job with good earnings, a strong family and sense of self-sufficiency, life satisfaction and peace of mind for the future – with such data, many women overcome their 40-year milestone. However, as good as was not infrequently, there is one “but” that overshadows all the above. We are talking about the reflection in the mirror, which reminds us that the years go by, hip and waist acquire excess weight, and the body is rapidly losing its former beauty. How to be? After all, your health should be treated with care and that’d be a great method for weight loss in 20 years, now just won’t help? And then, the skin loses its elasticity and what happens if after the elimination of the extra pounds she’s ugly falls? Calmness, only calmness, to lose weight and 90, the main thing is to have a goal, desire, and know some features of weight loss after 40 years old.

What are the features of an organism

40-summer women activity does not hold, as before they lead an active lifestyle, great time both at work and at home. However, in the body start to change: the fading of reproductive function, slows the metabolism, and accordingly, changing the structure of the body. Often observed deterioration of health and deposition of extra pounds in “inappropriate” places, informs Rus.Media.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon when taking care of family and loved ones, the woman loses the self-care and it turns out that at forty she has a whole bouquet of chronic diseases. Of course, any sickness or disease are immediately reflected on the numbers on the scales and appearance. For this reason, when losing weight at this age, it is important to consider the characteristics of the organism, to choose the right diet and therefore lose weight fast.

There is another problem, namely dehydration of the body, lack of calcium, protein and carbohydrates. Moreover, now the body needs less energy to cover all their needs. Given this, the diet must be carefully chosen. They can’t be short, or abruptly prohibiting all. Otherwise, such a restriction of supply can be not only ineffective but even dangerous.

Errors that shouldn’t be allowed

“My diet remains the same. I don’t change my schedule and lifestyle. Why, then, the extra pounds are growing exponentially?” — such complaints are often heard in the fellowship of friends over 40.

The result of this panic, it becomes a restriction in food, a strict diet or even starvation. But note that such “aggressive” methods will not only bring results but also harm health.

Follows immediately to abandon diets in which from the diet excludes fats and cholesterol. This leads to disruption of the synthesis of sex hormones, because they are synthesized from cholesterol and its metabolites. Latest and regulate the female body. Thus, the rejection of fat is from the decrease in the number of female hormones, early menopause, reduced libido and lack of enjoyment of “marital duty”.

A ban should be put on a diet which strictly limited the possible amount of consumption of liquids. Consequences – dehydration, sagging Breasts, the skin of the face and neck.

How to lose weight?

Before you choose any diet, you should consult your doctor so he can assess the condition. There are no contraindications? Then plan a visit to the nutritionist to determine the ideal weight and choose calorie intake.

It is worth noting that if you are 20 years old weighing 55 kg., you should not return to it. Completely normal, when women 40 weigh 3 – 5 kg more. Thus, you need to remember what weight it was comfortable earlier, and add a few pounds.

As for daily caloric intake, then it’s simple. 1500 calories per day or the actual weight, multiplied by 22 and minus seven hundred calories – that’s the daily rate.

We should also remember the rule “do not eat after six” and return to him. Note that dinner must be low in calories.

Another step on the way to the ideal figure should be fasting days, in which you can eat fruits, kefir or yogurt.

It is necessary to give preference to fish, not meat, and also to reconsider the balance between proteins and fats in the diet. At this age your body starts deficiency of protein and excess fat. But, in no event it is impossible to abandon the latter altogether, just reduce their number.

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