How to grow Mandarin from seeds?

Mandarin is one of the most unpretentious of citrus. In contrast to the popular lemon to grow and care for a Mandarin easier. Friendship with this plant can be long and strong.

Як виростити мандарин з кісточки?

Take for sowing fresh seeds of ripe tangerines. Use them immediately after extraction from the fruit. The bones are poorly preserved and after drying quickly lose their germination. Seeds take more, if not all germinate, informs Rus.Media.

Before planting they are soaked for 10-12 hours in the growth stimulators “Appin-extra”, “Zircon”. This strengthens the power of plants, stimulates the root system development.

The opportunity for sowing – end of January – beginning of February, when the daylight becomes longer.

The soil for seedlings need a loose, nutritious with a high content of phosphorus. It is this element plays an important role in the early growth. A large amount of phosphorus contained in compost and the compost, so at the bottom of the pot should be organic.

Bones put one in individual pots or in a shared capacity with the subsequent picks. Depth of seal into the soil 1 cm Crops watered and covered with a plastic bag to ensure the greenhouse microclimate.

At this stage the seedlings are not important light, and most importantly – warm. For germination need a temperature of 20-25 ° C. the Crop is regularly watered and aired. After 3-4 weeks the seedlings appear and remove tank cover.

Seedlings transferred to a light place. If it was grown in a container, then after appearance of two leaves dive to one plant in each Cup. As soon as the roots begin to fill the entire volume of the Cup, tangerines planted in larger pots.

Conditions for growing Mandarin
Like all citrus Mandarin loves the light. The best place for him is a window sill or a place near a window on the East side. Early in the morning it will be lit in a warm, but not scorching sun. You can put pots with a plant from the South-East, South or South-West side.

In nature, Mandarin grows in subtropical regions with humid climate. It is difficult in the apartment to ensure the moisture of 90-95%. But at home Mandarin well will feel and at a humidity of 60-65%.

Simple and budget methods of increasing the humidity is placing the pots near the plants open containers of wet pebbles or expanded clay. As the moisture evaporates the water in the trays periodically topped up.

But the best and most reliable method of humidity control is the use of modern humidifiers.

We should not forget about an important rule is to keep tangerine away from heaters that dry the air.

During the period of active spring growth the optimum temperature is 18-25 ° C. in Autumn and winter the plant can be in cooler conditions – at a temperature of 13-15 ° C.

If the tangerine is growing on the windowsill in the winter following that the branches did not touch a cold window and protect it from the frosty air.

The ground
The soil should be light, fertile, neutral pH level, so for planting do not use acidic peat mixture. There are ready-made soils for citrus. If the substrate is prepared independently, take equal parts of turf, leaf soil, humus and compost.


Watering the plants rain or settled tap water. Cold water heated to room temperature 20-25 ° C. If watered with cold water, then the nutrients will go wrong badly and assimilated by the roots. Summer to autumn is watered frequently and abundantly, but no fill. Focus on the appearance of water in the pan is a signal that there’s enough water. Excess moisture is drained from the tray.

In winter, water less often, watching the moisture content of the topsoil. If in this period, in Mandarin fruits appear, then drastically reduce watering can.

Mandarin can grow without pruning. But beautiful plants without the formation will not work. Ideally, the Mandarin needs to have a branched fan-shape. Due to this he will be able to use sunlight for growth and development. Drastic pruning is an extreme measure, it plant takes painful.

How to achieve fruiting Mandarin?
To accelerate the bearing using a number of techniques:

Presowing seed treatment with growth stimulants and fruit formation. Most popular: “EPIN-extra”, “Zircon”, sodium HUMATE, “the IAA”. These medicines help plants from an early age to adapt to dry air, the lack of lighting.

A balanced diet. Regular fertilizing with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers combined with micronutrients to stimulate fruiting.
Nipping the tops of the shoots saves extra strength to the plant and helps shape the crown with short twigs-plodushkah.
Borodulina and banding are ancient techniques that allow to redistribute the flow of nutrients to the crown and thereby to accelerate the formation of fruit buds.
Vaccinations. Prischepa – young stalk tangerine, cut in early spring, connect with rootstock-seedling grown from seeds of any citrus. 2-3 years formed the only plant that begins to bloom and bear fruit.

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