Genetic code: what a terrible disease inherited

Scientists still don’t know why genes behave unpredictable

Генетический код: какие страшные болезни передаются по наследству

In DNA, what the child will color of eyes, hair, level of intelligence, degree of emotionality, but also in its genetic code laid and disease. Sometimes it is the result of malfunction of genes, sometimes it’s pretty natural. What diseases the child may have inherited read the material Clutch.

Генетический код: какие страшные болезни передаются по наследству

The most common genetic diseases:

• blindness;

• spina bifida;

• Klinefelter syndrome (endocrine disorders that can cause male infertility);

• Turner’s syndrome (a disease that leads to sexual infantilism);

• phenylketonuria (a metabolic disorder of amino acids);

• hemophilia (a bleeding disorder).

Генетический код: какие страшные болезни передаются по наследству

Hereditary mental illness

In addition to the above diseases, scientists also talk about the diseases of the mind, which is to blame genetic failures. For example, is schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression — 50 50 determined by bad genes and external factors (trauma, poisoning, concomitant diseases).

When transmitted genetic disease

Genetic, hereditary diseases can be transmitted both from father to son, and through several generations. It often happens that the child becomes ill with a terrible disease, which was the great-grandfather. Scientists have still not uncovered all the mysteries of the human genome, genes often behave unpredictably.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” genetic engineers do not cease to amaze the world with their achievements in the press regularly there are messages about appearance of new species that have altered DNA. One of the unusual goats that introduced spider genes. What the scientists did and what they have in the result?

In Utah, in the Western United States, is the original goat farm. Living here, a white goat, in appearance no different from their counterparts, but the milk from them is absolutely extraordinary. Once these goats have imparted to the spider gene-solotopia, their milk will contain valuable protein, the so-called spider silk.

Spider thread is a very valuable product due to the special elasticity, strength and lightness. It is widely used in medicine, in the production of durable and elastic materials and many other valuable products. Needs spider thread grow, and its limited production is unable to meet all the needs.

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