Collapsed in seconds: in a popular shopping center had a landslide

Part of a high-rise building fell in seconds

Рухнул за секунды: в популярном торговом центре случился обвал

In the capital of Mexico collapsed shopping center, has done without victims.

Part of flats fell in a matter of seconds – just in front of dozens of passers-by.

What exactly was the cause of the destruction is still unknown. Considering several versions – design deficiencies, errors in design and poor quality construction materials.

Now all circumstances zalivayutsya, is on the scene police and rescue personnel.

About the victims have not yet powderjet.

Рухнул за секунды: в популярном торговом центре случился обвал

The Ukrainian enterprise was an explosion, people died

Thursday, July 12, at the enterprise in the river, an explosion occurred, which killed two people.

This was informed in the press center of Chief Directorate State service of Ukraine of emergency situations on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region.

It is noted that the incident occurred at about 16:49 on the street Samara cadet area during the technological process in an electric furnace for melting special metals broke out a dangerous mixture without subsequent burning.

What was the cause of the explosion “mortar Pashinsky” on the ground near Rivne

Experts have found that was the cause of the explosion at the landfill in the Rivne region, which killed three young military.

According to the defense Ministry, the cause of the explosion mortar “Hammer” was the double loading.

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As previously reported portal “Know.ia”, in Lviv, on the street Nekrasov house.57 exploded grenade f-1, killing a resident of the apartment. As it turned out, the deceased was 54 years old, the identity is not established.

Suffered from 45-year-old woman: she was immediately admitted to the city hospital ambulance with shrapnel wounds and injury to the right thigh and chest.

We also wrote, in order to stop a possible explosion, due to the use of defective equipment, partially blocked the work of one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant SBU and the management of “Energoatom”.

A dangerous situation could happen in “the South-Ukrainian NPP”: operatives of the intelligence service established that officials of the enterprise have created the conditions for the occurrence of accidents. About this incident reports the press service of the SBU.

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