Card OOS (ATO) as at 13 Jul 2018

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00, 13 July 2018, according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

In the past days, enemy activity the Russian occupation troops increased. Occupants have increased the number of attacks and applied mortars, weapons, infantry fighting vehicles, rocket-propelled grenades of different types, consciously violating the conditions so this “bread of the truce”, reports Rus.Media.

In General for last days, on July 12, our defenders of Ukraine recorded 24 enemy shelling by the Russian occupation forces.

As a result of hostilities on 12 July, three of our soldiers received injuries of various degrees. Now they receive qualified medical and nursing assistance in military medical institutions.

Lugansk direction

For 12 Jul for defenders of Ukraine recorded 2 enemy attacks.

At about 04:00 in the morning, within an hour, the Russian occupation troops were firing from heavy machine guns and small arms on Ukrainian defenders of the Trinity. From the same types of weapons, around 23:30, the occupants were provocative fire on our defenders Novoluganskoe.

Donetsk direction

Units of the United forces recorded 22 attacks on our defensive positions by the Russian occupation forces.

In particular, around 08:00 our defenders Pavlopol, and after 19:30 the defenders of the Water, recorded breaks of enemy mortar bombs caliber 82 mm. In total the enemy had released a 14 min.

Fire provocations from different types of grenade launchers and other infantry weapons the Russian occupation troops were near the settlement Maryinka, berezove, Food, Experienced, three – area n-Water, Pavlopol, Talakovka, Avdeevka and four times for the defenders of Lebedinsky. Long-term fire of infantry fighting vehicle Russian occupants were in the side of the defenders Pavlopolya.

The situation on the contact line today, July 13

From midnight, the Ukrainian military recorded 5 sighting of enemy attacks. They all occurred at the Donetsk direction.

The coastal area of our defense, after 05:00, the Russian occupation troops from the village Pcusa, fired our defenders Water 5 min with mnemeth 120mm. Recall that this caliber is prohibited by the accords.

In addition, the provocative attacks of positions of divisions of integrated forces, using rocket-propelled grenades and other infantry weapons, the enemy was near the settlement Marinka, Talakovka, Gnutova and SHIROKANE.

From the beginning of the current day of losses among our soldiers in the fighting there.

The situation in the area of operation of the United forces remain controlled by our Ukrainian defenders.

Information of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Despite repeated statements of the Russian leadership at all levels regarding involvement in the war in the East of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions continues deliveries of Russian weapons.

In particular, in early July, TS. to units 1 AK Russian occupation troops from Russia delivered large-caliber sniper rifle and upgraded anti-missile systems.

After delivery, at the sites located in the temporarily occupied territory, under the leadership personnel of the Russian military personnel have begun training and practical sessions with the staff of sniper and anti-tank units of the occupation forces with the aim of mastering their skills in the use of these weapons.

Today, 13 July, the UK held the official opening of the international aviation show “The Royal International Air Tattoo-2018”

Participation in it will traditionally the delegation and aeronautical engineering from the Air force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the largest international air shows this year dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air force of great Britain.

For the presentation of the aircraft equipment of Armed forces of Ukraine and demonstrate its capabilities in air and ground show, Ukrainian military aviation is represented by two su-27 fighters from structure of the 831 brigade tactical aircraft of air command “Center” and military transport aircraft Il-76 Melitopol brigade transport aircraft.

Will demonstrate skills of individual aerobatics on the su-27 and will introduce a new pilot program, the Deputy commander of 831 brigade tactical aviation for flight training Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Aksenenko. It is worth noting that last year at the international aviation screening officer of the armed forces of Ukraine Alexander Oksenenko became the winner in nomination “the Best pilot among the partner countries of NATO.”

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