Alsu told when it will be one year old son

Алсу рассказала, когда покажет годовалого сына

Famous Russian singer Alsu told when to show fans his year-old son Raphael.

Singer Alsu has three children: 11-year-old Safin, a 10-year Michelle and one-year-old Raphael.

Photos girls Alsu often spoils their fans, but the person of the son still hides from the public. Recently, the actress said, why hide Raphael, and when you show it to the world.

Алсу рассказала, когда покажет годовалого сына

Alsu daughters

About Alsu said on the official page in Instagram, in response to questions from subscribers about when fans will see the face of Raphael.

“This is probably the most asked question to me. Will post the picture of my son when he will understand what Instagram and he asked! Not before!” — said the singer.

Note that, most likely, the singer was not joking and will keep his word. As with her older daughters she did so. Photos of the girls started flickering in the blog artist only when they have grown up.

Алсу рассказала, когда покажет годовалого сына

Family photo of Alsu


34-year-old Alsou and 39-year-old Yan Abramov lived in marriage for more than ten years. Wedding Alsu and businessman Yan Abramov played on 18 March 2006. To the event, the pair was preparing for more than 6 months and organized the celebration in the concert hall Russia. The event brought together over 600 guests.

September 7, 2006 Alsou gave birth to a daughter Safin in the clinic at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. In April 2008, the singer became a mother for the second time after giving birth to daughter Michelle. The second time Alsou gave birth in tel Aviv, the clinic Ichilov.

Third child, son Raphael, Alsou gave birth to 11 August 2017.

Алсу рассказала, когда покажет годовалого сына

Wedding photo Alsou

Earlier Alsou showed the fans in the Network of his two adult daughters. The singer issued a joint photo with the kids where they sit together on the carpet with a smile and pose for the camera. See pictures in the material.

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