Aliens and dark energy: a physicist told who moves the stars

American physicist proves that aliens are fighting with dark energy, moving stars

Инопланетяне и темная энергия: физик рассказал, кто двигает звезды

American astrophysicist Dan Hooper published a work which redefines the famous Kardashev principles and makes an interesting suggestion about what challenges await civilization, reached high level of development.

The Soviet astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev in 1962 put forward the theory of the three stages of development of civilization. According to this theory, civilization first exhaust the resources of their planet, then adopted for energy resources of its star, and then uses the resources of the surrounding stars in the galaxy until, until there is a need to move to another galaxy.

Nikolai Kardashev

Инопланетяне и темная энергия: физик рассказал, кто двигает звезды

Mankind, as you can guess, is now in the middle of the first stage of its development (the famous scientist Carl Sagan defined it as 0.7 of the first stage on the Kardashev scale). And who knows, you will survive until the second stage. The theory of Kardashev still remained dominant in the field of assessment of the stages of development of civilization.

And, most likely, will remain so in the future. But with one significant addition. American astrophysicist Dan Hooper, Professor, University of Chicago, published a paper which proves that the generation of energy from distant stars is not only the best way to solve energy problems of a highly developed civilization. But the only way to avoid loneliness in space.

Dan Hooper

Инопланетяне и темная энергия: физик рассказал, кто двигает звезды

Hooper proves that the only way to resist the expansion of the Universe from which the galaxies are moving apart, and civilization can be alone.

Question dark energy

The work of Hooper’s published on the biggest website of scientific preprints A key argument of the logic of Hooper’s – presence in the Universe is dark energy. According to the dominant views of modern astrophysics mysterious dark matter “stretches” the Universe. And this process will be endless. In the next 100 billion years of stars from surrounding galaxies will disappear beyond the “cosmic horizon”. You don’t see them.

Инопланетяне и темная энергия: физик рассказал, кто двигает звезды

In other words, if people want to meet the aliens that live in distant galaxies, it will be a race against dark energy, says columnist LiveScience Brandon Spector.

Dark energy is a hypothetical force which fails to detect technical methods, said Sean Martin, scientific reviewer of the British newspaper Express. However, there is much indirect evidence of its existence. No reason to assume that dark energy acts as a kind of antigravity that causes the Universe to stretch.

Инопланетяне и темная энергия: физик рассказал, кто двигает звезды

Sooner or later there may come a time when each planet will be seen only the star around which it revolves, and the night sky will be completely black, concludes Martin.

Hooper said that any civilization capable of building starships, solve this simple riddle of the Universe. I will not sit idly by while the universe is literally “flies by”. So the aliens want to get energy from stars before they “disappear over the horizon” and will be out of reach, says Hooper. Any advanced civilization will enter the race for the stars, trying to collect the highest possible energy harvest, explains the scientist.

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