Alan Badoev showed how resting with his beloved Lolita

The Director went with his Lolita in Portugal

Алан Бадоев показал, как отдыхает с любимой Лолитой

Alan Badoev showed photos of his grown-up daughter Lolita from ex-wife Zhanna.

Алан Бадоев показал, как отдыхает с любимой Лолитой

The famous Ukrainian film Director and music video Director Alan Badoev went on shooting in Portugal. This time he decided to take a 12-year-old daughter lolita. As Alan said, the girl not only inspires him, but also actively participates in shootings of a new clip.

On his page in the social network of Alan Badoev has published a few pictures with her daughter, which was made during a trip to Portugal.

Members also noted that the small Lolita is growing into a real beauty and her mother Jeanne Badoev.

“A positive attitude towards life Lolita inherited by Jeanne , and I will tell you a whole ocean of positive force. Let her have the wisdom and tenderness to always answer a sincere smile in response to anger, respectively weakness” – signed picture of Alan.

In the comments fans are touched by the warm relationship between father and daughter.

Алан Бадоев показал, как отдыхает с любимой Лолитой

“What a pretty baby! Very my mom is like!”, “Alan, I admire your reverent attitude to daughter. You are a Father with a capital letter, and the daughter you are very beautiful! “, “Spitting image of Joan and growing sense of style with youth”, “Very beautiful girl. And, apparently, very smart. What parents like daughter!”, — they write.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” a popular Ukrainian Director Alan Badoev shot a video for the song “Musica” Ukrainian-Bolivian singer Michelle Andrade. About it reports RBC.

The video for the song “Musica” was shot in Kiev within 24 hours, and the main location was the House Record the Ukrainian radio. The team of Director Alan Badoev turned sensual single in magical Girl Power story.

“At first I liked the Spanish words to the song. As well as the Spanish language I do not understand, they created for me the atmosphere of a certain mysticism. In fact, each girl is going through, and all the friends unite to pull her out of a bad mood. It turns out a little sagovornika sect (laughs). This song is a little bit of voodoo, it is bright and dynamic, so we decided to visualize. Michelle is very pleasant to work with – it burns what he does and as soon as the camera starts rolling – it opens in the frame,” says Alan Badoev.

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