A deadly state of emergency in Kiev, killing 16-year-old boy. Video

Смертельное ЧП в Киеве: погиб 16-летний парень. Видео

Because of the unrequited love of a 16 year old teenager jumped from the 14th floor.A terrible tragedy shocked all the residents of a multistory building in Kiev. 16-year-old jumped from the balcony, located on the 14th floor.

It is reported by the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

According to neighbors, Vladimir graduated from high school with honors and was preparing to enter the Institute. On that fateful day he returned home with his father and little sister, however, did not go with them to the apartment. Instead, the teenager went to the 14th floor and went to the balcony, where he decided to kill himself. There he left his bag and jumped down on the asphalt.

The tragic incident happened in front of a dozen witnesses who came to breathe the evening air in the courtyard. A neighbor says that the boy had injuries incompatible with life: “a Broken ridge, he was curled in half complicated. Even the ribs were popping out. It’s kind of scary, it was just impossible to watch.”

No one could assume what had happened. Volodya was as always friendly with a smile on my face, and there were no signs of trouble. The parents found her son from the Windows on the 4th floor and rushed into the street. The clipboard lady heard them “gopali” in the Elevator, hurrying to his son.

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