A crazy fan of Catherine Kuhar gave her a rather strange gift

Безумная фанатка Екатерины Кухар преподнесла ей довольно странный презент

Miniature of Catherine Kuhar was established in three roles — Giselle, Odile and Juliet. The series is limited.

For the first time Tamara Septilin learned about Kateryna Kuhar the project Dances with stars s 2017 on channel 1+1. Prima ballerina, who was sitting in the judgment seat, struck her porcelain figurine: the same delicate, petite and fascinating. Inspired by the images Kuchar in the ballets Giselle, Romeo and Juliet and Swan lake, Ukrainka created a series of limited edition dolls which do have an incredible similarity to the star.

Безумная фанатка Екатерины Кухар преподнесла ей довольно странный презент

Ukrainka created a doll of Catherine Kuhar

Creating toys, Tamara Septilin painstakingly reproduced all the fine details in the costumes, hairstyles, makeup and jewelry prima ballerina. For example, in the image of the black Swan Odile fan Kuhar imitated the headdress with feathers and a crown of red stones, repeated embroidery on the legendary retro-packs, which in the days of study in College star received from the celebrated dancer Tatiana Makinoi.

Безумная фанатка Екатерины Кухар преподнесла ей довольно странный презент

There is a copy of Catherine Kuhar

For each mini-copies of Catherine Kuhar mistress Tamara Septilin himself created the hairstyle, clothes, accessories and shoes. About his unusual gift for the prima ballerina of the woman said: “Catherine Kuhar I first saw in the project Dances with stars s. She was like a porcelain figurine, beautiful and sophisticated.

One day, I noticed a poster in Lviv, where Kate had to dance in the ballet Giselle , and so I had the idea to create a doll Catherine Kuchar. One doll I sew about 3-4 days, there are very many subtle, and jewelry work. Clothing and accessories for dolls were created in the manual.

Especially a lot of time was spent on hair Juliet, which consists of natural silk, so the curls look like real hair. Laborious and time-consuming work on a tiny Pointe shoes. Each embroidery on the costume of puppets, and even stage decoration characteristic for a specific performance, so that the image exactly matches the one which goes on stage Catherine Kuhar”.


The owner of the first doll from the limited edition toys Tamara Septilin became the prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar. After receiving such an unexpected gift, the dancer said:

“This is one of the nicest gifts that I ever received. My daughter Nastya was excited when I saw this doll and said, “doll mother”. I hope that with the new season, these dolls will be available at our performances”.

Watch the video in which Catherine Kuhar open up about love, dancing and the biggest tragedy in life:

We will remind, not so long ago, July 3, the Network discussed the news that the prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar “slip” of star composition Tancu z with stars 2018.

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