8 unknown to the General public facts about the Duchess Catherine

Kate Middleton is not a popular representative of the English Royal family. She’s cute, stylish, simple and at the same time full of grace.

8 невідомих широкому загалу фактів про герцогиню Кетрін

This is the fate

In 11 years, Kate has played on the stage of the school theater main role. Put the play by Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”. Future wife of the Prince entrusted Eliza Doolittle. Naturally, the press started to speculate that it was for a reason. True, they say something else: like mother, Kate, Carol, had planned the fate of his daughter by initiating her membership at St. Andrews University, and then repeatedly urged not to give up when in a relationship Middleton and William had a crisis, informs Rus.Media.

Aristocrats or not

Nobody expected that the genealogy of Kate will sound loud names of famous British ancestors. If we talk about the mother’s side, here you will find only working occupations: butchers and bakers, miners and servants. But the middle name go back centuries to the strings that bind rod Middleton with viscounts and barons, including the first Marquis of Lansdowne. And in the XIV century, found a Royal cousin, king Edward III.

Sarcasm at court

Even in our society, where class principle does not work as hard as, say, in Victorian times, to enter into such a high range was not easy. At the court of the young aristocrats were often teased by the Duchess. Behind her often heard the phrase “to Remove the flaps!”. A subtle hint that Kate’s parents worked in aviation.

Mrs Perfect

In 2014 Katherine announced the most influential British celebrity in terms of style. She always looks flawless. Signature smile Kate is far from Hollywood (we do not want to compare with a brand new toilet), but it is not a natural gift and merit of the dentist-Frenchman Didier Fillon. It creates smiles on the principle of “harmonious asymmetry. The intentional imperfection of the teeth as a result makes them ideal.

Married to a Prince

Here, too, Kate was a barrage of indignation. It mockingly was called Waity Katie (“Katie Ozidase”), complained about the age. So far Middleton was the most “age” the Royal bride. However, this pennant has already passed into the hands of 36-year-old Megan.

Home nest

About Kate at court say that she is a good mistress. The wife of Prince William loves to cook, it is often seen with packs in local supermarkets Highgate and Belgravia. By the way, on the first Christmas the family of the Windsor Kate gave Elizabeth a jar of chutney sauce made according to family recipe. According to approximate to spouses, lady Catherine calls her husband “Big Willy” and he calls her “baby.”

8 невідомих широкому загалу фактів про герцогиню Кетрін

Sporting achievements

Despite the youthful of weight problems Middleton have always been a sports girl. She played hockey, netball, swimming and tennis, and in St Andrews even scored in the competition, taking the height of 1.5 meters in the pole vault.

Not without scandal

The British are accustomed to seeing Kate a girl with an impeccable reputation, but in 2012, the crooks-he was photographed by paparazzi lady Kate in a swimsuit without a top, when she and William were vacationing in France. Don’t know what expected publication by posting a photo, but the Royal press service of they are simply condemned.

Kate is very cool, lively and sincere. Probably for these qualities and loved her with William. She is cheerful and knows how to behave in public. But the Protocol is the Protocol: how much rope does not curl, I still do not get to be “normal” if you’re the wife of the heir to the British throne…

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